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  • deama1 deama1 May 30, 2011 17:20 Flag


    I think Greg should get his facts right before spouting off that Rafa plays in the mid to late 20s tournaments a year whilst Roger only plays 18, if he checks the ATP website he'll see that he is completely wrong because they show 22 against both players including 0 points for 3 that they did not play, so they both played 18. Rafa even got punished for missing Washington by not adding his Barca points.

    Greg says that Rafa played in his off season last year, those were all mandatory tournaments apart from MC and no one wold expect him not to play M. Carlo.

    The fact is there are too many qualifying tournaments for ranking points - 9 Masters and 4 Slams are too many amongst others. Every tennis fan knows that there is a tournament virtually every week.