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  • Kevin Kevin May 31, 2011 21:08 Flag

    Empty Seats

    Does anyone else have a problem with the number / proportion of empty seats at most matches at Roland Garros - I think it is borering on immoral!!

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    • Completely agree! Why do you think this is? Wimbledon never seems to have a single seat left begging...RG really need to address this. The US has this problem also.

    • Empty seats. Not good for tennis. Roland Garros need to look at their marketing, e.g. lower prices, and/or keep some seats for sale on the day, as at Wimbledon (an Australian posted here a day or two ago, who had turned up at RG to discover no tickets are on sale on the day, yet the place was virtually empty). There was also the charade the other day when Djokovic's match was moved to Susan Lengen and it sounded like a riot was going on outside the court as officials would not let people with tickets in and yet the court was about half full. The ruckus could clearly be heard on TV and also was concerning Djokovic. It was farcical. I think all the empty seats give an awful image of tennis and that is a great shame. Roland Garros really need to address the issue of empty seats. It looks as if tennis has no fans which is not the case. I also read that they are planning to build a bigger show court! Most of us watch more than the finals, on TV or if possible live. I think they should concentrate on filling the seats they do have before creating even less atmosphere.