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  • LEX LEX Jan 10, 2007 04:52 Flag


    I am sick of these small minded men who's stubon stance is going to cost scotland a great manager
    why cant they let walter smaith become general manager of the gers with ally as the manager and both of them carry on with scotland, after all to be fair i dont think national managment is a full time job ???

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    • I didn't think it would take long for the Scottish national team to become laughing stock again.

      Just watch the results gat back to normal after a blip in the shiteness.

    • I don't know. One could say they were stupid appointing him in the first place.
      At the end of the day he's only put teams on the park which any decent pundit would put on - best that's available with a bit of defensive organisation.
      Lets get real - we did not bad against Lithuania and had a bit of luck. We were good against a Faroes pub team because we were organised to the best of our abilities and the players had been given a bit of confidence by a normal straight talking manager. We were unbelievably lucky against France. It happens occasionally. We were found out a bit against Ukraine and the luck also ran out. Bound to happen eventually.
      Walter's done nothing that any half decent manager couldn't do.
      It's said he's a Rangers man. Well, any Rangers man is going to put Rangers above Scotland. So let him go. Put in another half decent manager who will work with the league managers, Walter included, and they will all help.
      I hope the days of club before country are gone and that the league teams realise that one of the best ways to promote Scottish football is to put forward a decent national team. It puts their own players in the limelight of the TV companies, raising the profile of the game all round. It should be a back scratching circle - the higher the profile, the more money comes in all round.
      The investment of that money is the next stage - sports centres round the country, youth development etc, instead of into the back pockets of a few shady directors.
      We should all be in it together. And that doesn't exclude healthy dislike among fans of different league teams - that's what raises a game's excitement - heaven if you win, hell if you lose.
      Has a new age of enlightenment dawned?