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    Should the rest of britain get behind england in the world cup


    I think being from scotland that no one from my country should be supporting england in the world cup because since football started and before scotland and england have always been rivals and i dont see why that should change because without rivalry football just isnt as exciting .Imagine football without the rivalry between celtic and rangers, liverpool and everton, man u and man city and chelsea and arsenal it dosnt sound very exciting so why should the rest of britain get behind england if we are rivals

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    • Who Cares. The rest of the world support England second to their own team. I'm in Canada where anyone who takes any interest in the Football with the round ball, wants England to win. When I was in Nigeria a number of years ago they all wanted the "Super Eagles" to win but failing that they wanted England to win. Even our hated enemy the Krauts want England to win if they can't.

      I think England have enough support so let anyone and everyone support who they want.

      One day, if not this time, England will win it and most of the world will be happy for us. And more fool the jocks wholl be drowning their sorrows again!!!!!!

    • John Brewer is a big Jobby

    • Tried to report john brewer for racist abuse but couldn't find his e-mail address. This should not be a place for racist c*nts like him.

    • hey john brewer u thick racist #$%$ ireland was voted the best place to live in europe so the trouble must have calmed down unlike britain who attack and are in danger of being attacked everyday . Britain is by far worse and much more dangerous to live in.

    • Absolultely, the scotts should be behind England. And for the benefit of all you youngsters on this board, most of England were scottish supporters in the 1978 world cup finals. One of the most memorable evenings of my youth was the one cheering on the scotts to beat holland by 3 goals to enable them to go through to the knockout stages. When Archi Gemmel scored that fantastic goal me and my mates ran down the back garden and back shouting pro scottish slogans as if we were lifelong scotts fans! Of course that goes out the window in England v Scotland matches. The world cup is a special tournament and I think that the scotts in particular that are posting anti English stuff on here are being very silly and childish and frankly rather sad.

    • the question is would the rest of britian especially england get behind wales if the were in the world cup instead of england..... my answer is i doubt it so only support those who are willing to support u

    • absolutely not. Engurland our our enemy and a foreign force occupying certain parts of what they call britain. We should cry tears of joy when they loose, it truly is a great day everywhere in the World when Engurland loose in whatever they are competing in, whether it be the Eurovision or tiddaly winks,

    • Never happen. The rest of Britain like the majority of the world dislike England but who cares what they think they allowed us to rule over them so what does that make them. HAHA

    • i don't think its good for any brit based outside of england to support england. i don't blame the scots and besides, regardless of whether it is football, rugby or cricket, the media in this country always make a huge fuss about their past success and rub it in the other nations faces. its disrespectful and thus implying they are the best at everything when in reality they're not. england have won jack for over 40 bloody years in the game and will not win the world cup this year. i am sick to death of people hyping england up. oh and by the way by the time the rugby world cup arrives england will lose their crown and thus, i'll be supporting south africa and cheering them on to beat the #$%$ out of england. typical england eh, arrogant as they are they might have won the world cup in 2003 but by next year they're going to lose it. irish, scottish welsh or whatever if you have non-english blood then don't support england because frankly their sporting teams are a bunch of over-hyped, arrogant, big-headed spoilsports and some of whom are over-paid and who think they are the greatest. oh purr-lease, don't make me laugh.

    • Well all i know is that if scotland ever made it to the world cup, which they never do, I being english would get behind them 100%. Same goes for Wales and Ireland, if i watch the olympics i root for all countries in britain....i think you sour scotts should take off your prissy skirts, put down the bag-pipes and stop being so bitter....what your gonna get satisfaction from Germany, Italy, France ect ect beating England in the world cup???? if you do you should be ashamed....its not our fault ur best player was gemmill, and uve never made it out of the group stages....so sit in some scummy scottish bar and root for trinidad and tobago. lol.....booooo scotland if thats your attitude!!!

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