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  • A Yahoo! User May 31, 2006 10:15 Flag

    Should the rest of britain get behind england in the world cup

    I'd be 100% behind the welsh too and yep, I'm English.
    Scotland had some magic players in the past, some legends but I think like some others on here, we have to agree that with all foreign players comming in there are less home players comming through or getting the chance of showing what they can do, we won everything in sight with only "home" players, English,Irish,welsh,scots,It has become more apparent in the scottish team, yes the scots need more gemmils or dalglish's or warks but I can't see them, in the days gone by you couldn't see a liverpool or arsenal team without a scot, so yes I think our teams are slowly eroding away with the lack of local talent to shine through.

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    • gotta disagree with the last message about lack of english talent coming through...look at walcott, lennon and the boro squad which have no less than 19 (nineteen) players that have played for England at various levels all under the age of 21 (all born within a 20 mile radius of the riverside stadium). the whole of the UK should support each other against the rest of the world until we play each other then its war...ha ha come on ENGLAND