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    If Sven Plays the holding role who do you think is the best player for the job???. Personally I would play Carragher, firstly because i havent seen enough of Carick and secondly dont rate Hargreaves his performances of late have been very sloppy.
    Carragher has the grit and determination to play that role and gives 100%, what do you think?????


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    • Definately don't think holding role should be played by a defender - Carragher doesn't have passing range to take advantage - square balls, needs to many touches, and Terry can't pass for #$%$.
      Carrick is definately the better passer but Hargreaves has played holding role for Bayern all season and won the title again. Never seems to turn it on for England though - probably cos he's Canadian!?

    • YES IT WAS ME BUT he played against Hungary and Jamaica. Do i need to mention that these teams are rubbish and my nan could pass better than beckham. she is really good dont laugh

    • Im undecided on whether carragher can play the holding role, however i cant believe that there is no place for him in the starting 11 and if thats the only way sven will play him then im all for it. To people honestly believe that rio ferdinand is a better central defender than carragher?!? Not only is he not as good as carra, but in a lot of past england games he has been a complete liability. Compare that to carras flawless last two liverpool seasons. I cant understand why no one in the media has ever questioned leaving him out of the team, for me him and terry are the best two english centrebacks of recent years. The way carra is playing now reminds me of the way campbell played 4 years ago wehen he was at his best, but if sven brings campbell onto the pitch instead of carra this tournament, then ill know he has really lost the plot.

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      • I wholly agree about Carragher's qualities. He's been right up there with Terry the last two seasons and they should be our first choice centre backs. Rio does have a bit more pace, but Carragher is simply better at defending. I think it's ok having Carragher at right back though. He'd be an asset when defending corners and could sometimes cover and make those amazing blocks he's done so often for Liverpool. He needs to be in the team somewhere, that's for sure.

        I would never play Hargreaves. I'd rather see them bring Carrick on.

    • Would like to see

      Neville, Ferdinand, Terry, Carragher
      Lennon, Lampard, Gerrard, Downing
      Owen Crouch

      4-4-2 Lennon and Downing to sweep in the crosses. Lamps and Gerro ghosting in for them. Speed down the flanks. Quality in the middle. Height and pace up front. Stability and no nonsense back four. Good package. And no Beckham. he's on the bench

    • Hargreaves is a waste of space! I've never rated him and don't know what he's got over Sven for him to keep getting a place! His performance on Tuesday just confirmed it. Whenever he got the ball he lost it or made a very poor pass. Carragher was strong defensivley but lacked vision when passing forward, I think Carrick has better attacking qualities! I think a job share may be the answer BUT KEEP HARGREAVES OUT!!

    • Sven could also play Sol and Rio in the back and Terry as the holding midfield and let Carragher play the right back for Gary Neville who is hurt.

      What do you think?

    • I think he should play carragher or he could play carragher around the back with ferdinand and let John Terry play the holding roll because of all the defenders Terry is the most attacting minded one in the team and he would still be in the heart of the defence to help the back 4 defend.
      What do you think?