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  • Evil Bread Man Evil Bread Man Jun 2, 2006 05:18 Flag


    fair enough buddy, you got that right. i aint seen enough of him to warrant it and you have. joe cole yea, but if he has an off day (when he got subbed after 25mins for chelsea for example)then downing as back up even if he's #$%$. he's got a left foot. best of a bad bunch maybe.

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    • yeah ill give you that mate he can use he is left footed but thats all he has going for him, hopefully Cole will turn it on!!

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      • Who Said LEAVE BECKHAM OUT????!!! Are you mad? Have you been watching the last 2 games! Without Beckham we may never have scored against Hungary. I think he looks completely on top of his game and should start everytime! Lennon dissappointed me a bit on Saturday in whatwas a very easy game, he had acres of space but always seemed to bottle it and go square or back! I think he only made 2 runs with the ball!! Maybe the occassion got to him but I don't think he's ready to be in the starting 11 in a competition where we need to get everything right. I also think Joe Cole has been outstanding! Well I guess we'll all find out what Sven gonna do on Saturday - BRING IT ON!! COME ON ENGLAND!!!!!