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  • Erik Erik Jun 10, 2006 22:58 Flag

    A deserved win?

    Did England deserve to win against Paraguay? Was Sven right to brig on Hargreaves? How did the refereeing affect the game?

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    • yes england did deserve to win, what everbodt is forgetting playing football in 32 degree heat losing 6-10lbs in weight, will take a toll on anyone, we held on to the lead and showed how our defence could handle an on slaught. 2-0 against t&T will do us, yes we have made the mistake in the past of gambling a 1-0 lead and defending but lets al get behind the team and show them all how much support they have and not whinge about what should have been at the end of the day we have 3 points which is more than sweden and paraguay and t&t so come england lets get it right. good luck

    • Lets face it, England have already won the world cup. At least the TV panels seem to think so and then you wonder why Scottish people don't support England. In reply to one of the other messages, "change the record", why don't England change the record and never mention 1966 ever again.

    • The only reason that England won was because Paraguay scored for them. They will need to drastically improve if they are to win the world cup. Referees are only human and a lot of pressure is put on them by FIFA.

    • Personally what in the hell was Sven doing???.You dont try to shut up shop at half time!!!.You go to kill the game by grabbing a second goal.Knowing how England has a footballing nation has no luck whatsoever in cup conditions i would have kept it as it was and we Would have got more goals.We where made to sweat sweat in the english heat back home on more than one occasion and we dont need that.We are quality and dont need to revert to desperate defending,we are an attacking team.Sort it out Sven!!!ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK is needed against Trinidad.Come on you boyyyyysssssssssss.

    • well , england did play well in the heat etc ..but i think they should off left the players and formation as it was..
      what do you think?

    • I'm not English but passionate to support her. What's Crouch,Hargreaves,Downing doing in this otherwise promising side? Demola

    • Sven is utterly clueless - he took off Owen, who needs games to get his fitness back, and left on Gerrard, who has been playing since July, and had shot his bolt in the first half. Joe Cole and Peter Crouch have never played up front with each other before (despite endless tinkering and multiple substitutions we end up experimenting in the WC itself). We now have only one fit striker, and he is a support striker not a goal-scorer, and he is on a yellow! "It is not logical." I am beginning to long for the clear thinking of Graham Taylor.

    • After all that pre-world cup press hype the performance was appalling. Come on! get out of this blame / grumbling /excuse - making culture.Winning teams are made of sterner stuff not whingers!

    • If your English or course they deceived to win. . If your Paraguayan then of course they didn't. As for Sev'n substitutions. Even the most basic of coaches will tell you don’t replace a striker with a midfielder. Only Sev'n knows what the hell he was doing. But give him his due he got us there when most people said we wouldn't ,and as one of the favorites.

    • Crouch #$%$ #$%$ #$%$ and most of time #$%$ .
      Owen #$%$ jst #$%$ beacuse he did nothing .
      Downing who the hell is he .
      Defoe oh yeh he did not play why the hell not > ??????
      Beckham quite good
      Gerrard and Lampard Good solid game
      Cole not really a solid performance but better when he moved into the center at times .
      Ashley cole not a convincing performance .
      Hargreaves a Fu}}king tart
      Sven has made a few errors in picking his team . We have some top class strikers in the Prem who consistantly score week after week . We only have to look at how many goals Crouch and Owen has scored this season to see that it was a mistake taking them .

      If we play like that againt Sweden we have had it .

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