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  • Erik Erik Jun 10, 2006 23:00 Flag

    A deserved win?

    I can't believe that referee! He was outragous. How many decisions went Paraguay's way in the second half? Its been a long time sence i was that agrieved by a referee...

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    • i totally agree. that refree seemed to prefere the other team in the second. Well done England

    • I TOTALY AGREE.the main problem of the game was that the referee stopped the moves before they happened.peter crouch is very tall and awkward and the ref penalised him every time he won the ball fairly.some one that tall will fall on a player after winning the ball but thats not a foul.i knew this would happen with refs,they havent a clue how tohandle crouchy.i say drop him and the goals and movements will come

    • Win????????
      England did not win.......it was just unfortunate for paraguay that they scored an own goal, how can England claim a win?????
      I suppose the glory will point to `beckhmas` free kick.
      who cares anyway?..... a bunch of overpaid wallies kicking a bag of wind around the garden for 90 minutes.

    • Hargreaves should never be in the squad.If Sven wants to bolster the midfield then why not bring on carrick or carragher? However the tactics weren't all bad, firing the ball up to crouch is a good get out, except for when you have a referee who constantly gives free kicks against him when he is being pushed and pulled. The same happened against portugal in euro2004. When vassell came on for Rooney and the ball was being punted up to him and owen to relieve the pressure, every time they won the ball they were penalised.
      Hopefully Sven can learn from these mistakes(not likely) and put a bit of pace up front for the counter attacks when we are under pressure. We proved yesterday that our defence is solid and I believe that Rio and JT can absorb anything any team has got, we just need an outlet to catch them on the break. Surely thats why he bought Walcott?

      Anyway yesterday is done and I expected us to play well but only get a point, but a below par performance and all three points is much better, that was the result that guarantees our qualification, we just need to get top spot.