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    England vs Sweden - Your thoughts

    So, England are through to the knock-out stages. But was the performace against Sweden good enough? Or did they struggle? Let us know your thoughts on the defence, the Owen injury, Owen Hargreaves' performance and anything else you'd like to share.

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    • yeah they played well like i said,but second half sat back
      we need to remain tight at the back,lets gap them holes,also i noticed we cant deal with corners.

    • same old england we sat back second half and got punnished we need to get better in the next stage or we are coming home,shame about owen but we must go on.
      from brian.

    • It all comes down to who wants it the most. England has too many players who dont deserve their salaries.

      The team is full of arrogance because they know they'll get picked next time whatever happens. And thats Svens fault. When Beckham led that dressing room revolt about Rio getting a ban for missing his drug test he should have been sent packing for good. Playing for England should be the ultimate accolade, not a right. So should managing it Sven, its not just an opportunity to bang around the FA's typing pool.

      When Joe Cole was at West Ham i thought he was great and i'm a Spurs fan. He wants it, like Gerrard, Rooney, he's up for it!

      Now i understand why Sven always picked Hargreaves, he was awesome against Sweden.

      Beckham is not playing well and he hasnt been for a long time. I dont agree that we had a good first half, we were lucky not to let 3 or 4 in and Beckhams marking at corners was pathetic.

      My Sunday team wouldnt have let the Swedish goals in and all together we dont get paid enough in a year to buy one sheet off Beckhams gold plated bog roll. His passing is average as well and even his corners are just poor.

      Hans - do one, youre not good enough, so should say nothing.

    • England will not make it all the way i live in london and think that england still needs more practice and more people skills when we play at this event they are making us english look like fools out their

    • Same old story we go in front twice and then look very dodgy in defence. We need to improve before we come up against the big boys otherwise we will be on our way home early again!!!

    • England had an excellent first half against Sweden but undid all their good work with bad defending in the second half. Perhaps England are missing Gary Neville. I thought John Terry would have sorted them out but again maybe Michael Owen's injury had a bad effect on them. Sweden do not have as many fantastic players like us but were very up for it to win the group and are difficult to play against. It is going to be a really tight match against Germany, you'll see. We can make a hundred excuses but we are not on the football field. When all is done we finished top and had a bit of good luck (no handball given, etc) and a bit of bad luck (Owen injury) We are getting better every match. Confidence and belief is what the team needs and all the support they can get. Come on lads - do us proud, we still have a star line up to match Brazil and that should count for something in the end. Something tells me this could stlll be our year. Joe Cole is awesome!!!!!!!!!!

    • To be perfectly honest i tought England had the best side in the world cup b4 it started. But after watching the Games I now only rate Gerrard, Rooney and Terry. Beckham is a complete #$%$ and shouldnt even b in the side never mind the captin and the England fans are #$%$ and lets face it we all know when they last won thw world Cup so could you put up with their #$%$ for the next 40 years. Hope Argentina beat them 10-0 and go on to win it.

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      • You are talking nonsense and have some kind of hang up against the English - grow up.

      • England have completed the task in hand and finished top of their group!
        They have shown moments of brilliance and a few frustrating moments of idiocy- poor defense etc. Beckam has been quiet; when he livens up he is guaranteed to set up goals if not score!
        We all know they can play better than this but we are through and will pick the game up against tastier opposition. Anyway, I haven’t really seen many games where the team has excelled themselves. Did you watch the Dutch against the Argies?? What a load of #$%$!!
        Come on England……
        Bring it on………….

    • I don't think England played too badly to be honest. Ok we all know they need to tighten up on their defence, but on the whole I was more convinced that they can up their game, after watching that game. I get tired of all the slating the squad are getting though. They won their group, they can't be playing that badly can they? As for Michael Owen? Well we won't miss him too much. He's been as much use to England as I would be. It's a shme he's injured though. Give Becks and the boys a chance,they may surprise us!!!

    • The team played uninventively all game....everything went to the left for Joe Cole to try beat defenders. What happened to Lennon? Surely he should have been on to spread the plat both sides, he was electric against T&T.
      With Owen gone, are we just gonna keep pumping high balls to Crouch? That is never gonna win us a game, he cannot even control anything near his feet!!
      My idea - Keep J. Cole Left, Lennon Right, push Gerrard up with Rooney, Lampard receiving and spreading in the middle (his shooting has been all from distance anyway!) and hope we can shore up the back long enough to drag out a result.......Oh yeah, Beckham - maybe he should play as well.

    • youre correct. england terrible. soon to go home.

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