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    Foreginers in an English Thread

    Why are all them f--king Yanks . Germans and Frogs on our Yahoo. They have got their own . They think they can on an abuse the English obviously beacuse they are to scared to do it public . I have read a few going on about the Enlgish soccer holigans ***Where are they**** . The German police have said on the whole they have been well behaved apart from a very small minority . So what if they have been getting drunk . In a country like Germany i think they are used to dealing with Drunken People. If we called 20 people drunk a riot in England then we would have total anorchy . SO Frogs Yanks and Krauts do us all a favour and get lost . And let us talk about the more importnat things in life like English Football the best in the world. Thats why every country has live english matches because they all want to watch exciting football not prima donnas .

    Come on England .

    Yanks ranked 5th in the world . Laugh i nearly fell off my chair . {{{{{{{{{{

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    • as a foreigner in this thread its my 2nd post..
      i had the idea it would be interesting to read how people
      see things have dislikes and likes etc. in other countries...
      another reason, (yahoo) board (of germany) are full of boring
      sickmaking posts against germany(the team & the country at all)..and posts kicking back the attacks ..
      rarely found smart guys to discuss
      coming in uk board seems to be the same..THAT makes me laugh
      just change the names
      what do u think?
      and please dont judge my post like a teacher; i know i aint fine writing english posts...

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      • Decent Foreigners like you are welcome in the threads . At least you r not abusing the English . The majority of which are decent people , but like anywhere in the world we have a fair share of arseholes who unfortunately for us get the country a bad name by causing violence .

        Dont worry about your english writing it was fine . There are millions living here who cant even speak english .

    • you are a racist.

    • Hey Dickehead im a royal marine not a US marine . SO what do we think of you #$%$

      Get your facts right before you shoot your mouth off .

    • Idiots like you would be speaking German If it wasn't for yanks like us. And at least there is one sport that we let you win.Oh sorry make that 2 sports if Cricket is a sport!

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      • er actually no we wouldn't be speaking german at all, we would have won WW11 without your help, is a common yankee misconception, you were just a pre caution.

        did germans ever even land on UK soil - NO
        Did the UK have a major back-up/ resistance plan - YES
        Did we maintain secret ties with the French resistance -YES
        Was and is the UK military the best in the world- YEP
        Was the nazi machine close to collapse anyway- THINK SO

        Did we appreciate american help - YES
        Did we appreciate that we had to PAY for your war help and have only just finished paying off the billions of pounds of debt a couple of years ago - NO
        Do we appreciate your #$%$ follywood films that try to make out you won the war single handedly and the brits are poofs? - NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


    • Drinking and Hooliganism is your forte to bad it's not Football.When is jolly old England going to show up in this World Cup.Also last time I checked It was the Yanks who started OUR Yahoo.

    • i agree with some of your comments... they sell booze in all the pubs and shops around the grounds.. then have the cheek to complain that a few #$%$ are getting drunk and causing trouble... what do they honestly expect!! i dont agree with your comments about foreginers on our yahoo boards.. they are not exclusive to england.. they are for all the world to see, as part of the internet, so get used to it....

    • If living in a miltary dictorship means getting gosbshites like you put against the wall and shot then yes i would like that .

      You seem to have a thing for gays are you trying to come out the closet . I have nothing agaist gays either but the Miltary is not the place for them . If you think we are but #$%$ each other all day well let that be your dream .

      Conscience you may tree huggers .

    • NO #$%$ IT an INDIAN STEAL MAGNET MITTAL http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/news/articles/17635311?source=Evening+Standard

      do a google search #$%$

    • The richest man in britain is the duke of Westminister who has a personal wealth of some 5.5 billion pounds , and for the record (not that it should matter) he is white. As for your other comments they are far too idiotic to deserve a response.

    • compared to indians and europeans in uk and in the next 5 to 10 years the blacks, #$%$ and white are going to be second class.

      also did you know the richest person in the uk is Indian and he could buy your #$%$ (queen) 5 time or more over including all her palaces???

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