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  • Erik Erik Jun 23, 2006 23:17 Flag

    England vs Ecuador - What's the score?

    England face World Cup minnows Ecuador on Sunday but what's the score going to be. Beckham has been quoted saying they're ready for pens whilst other reports suggest we're going to have players out injured. What do you think? Tell us now...

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    • Agreed.
      Enough of Argentina and Brasil, a Germany-England final would be bloody marvellous. They're always good clean games with some respect on both sides and it would give the Germans a chance to wipe out their national traumatism about the 1966 goal that wasn't !!!
      Personally I've had enough of hearing commentators going on about the great Brasil and seeing Ronaldino's idiotic grinning mug plastered all over the place. The police would have a hard time keeping the louts on both sides under control in the town centres but they seem to be up to it, and maybe the weather will cool down a bit so they won't get quite so #$%$.

      4-1 to England and no hard feelings !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Think so too. I would offer you a beer but I'm afraid untill your Lancaster is over here, it might be warm :)

      may be next time there's a england germany match then :P
      lets see how the Lions go on, Owen out, rooney unfortunally not in his prime, but right now tzey perform well.
      And come on, a mfinal german england would be tempting, wouldn't it?
      ASt least better then the usual Argentina Brasil stuff.

    • Yes, I was mistaken !

      Ohh, don't take it to heart laddie, I'm only joking (I think).

    • >Ahh, you were only pretending to be an illiterate half-witted
      teutonic numbskull, or am I mistaken ?<

      OIhave to admitt, as usual you mighty englich illiterate halfwitted numbskull beat us germans in beeing illiterate halfwitted numbskulls. The honor of beeing the biggest halfwitted, illiterate numbskull belongs to you.
      In case you finally got some sense and just TRY ti discuss topics like a normal huiman beeing, I will gladly go on with this discussion. meanwhile, I just stick to talking to english, scottish, welsh, irish and god knows where from people with some common sense.
      Go, sing ya 10 german Bombers while I talk to english people who are interested in sports. Thanks god, there are mopre of tjhem then lamers as you online.

    • Ahh, you were only pretending to be an illiterate half-witted
      teutonic numbskull, or am I mistaken ?

    • England v Ecuador - Once again showed why they are the luckiest team in World Football. How England have managed to stagger to the last eight of the World Cup is unbelievable, never before can a team been as hyped, yet performed so badly, and been so lucky. An own goal against Paraguay, and then outclassed for large parts of the match, a goal bound header cleared off the line against those giants of World football Trinidad & Tobago, before England scored, and all the potency of a box of wet matches. Against Sweden, England were again holding on for long periods of the match, and with better finishing from the Swedes could have been on the end of a real hiding. Then today England, again performed badly not a single shot on target in the whole first half, and Ecuador never looked in danger of conceding until Beckham's freekick, and had it not been for Ashley Cole, England would have been behind early on, when Ecuador hit the bar. The second half, huffed, and puffed, but never really got to grips with the match. When will the English media, fans, and team realise that they are a second rate team, with more luck than the rest of the teams in the tournament put together, but this is England's story in every world cup isn't. So shut up England, about how you are going to win the world cup you've got no chance.

    • I really hope we click finally and i think we'll win 2-0 come on lads you can do it................

    • I wish I was at least in England for this, I'm stuck in New York and the TV commentators haven't got a clue, on top of that everyone's more concerned about the Gay Pride march than the World Cup! However there's a knockout girl from Ecuador who works in my office and she may feel sorry for me if England lose, she's gorgeous. Any ideas what I should do if England wins. Now now lads.

    • I think 2-1 it is an interesting formation now we've had the squad qestioning Erikson he's doing something new in such an important game god forbid we lose the england fans are ready for a row look what happend yesterday over nothing we've been good so far but it wil all go wrong i mean after this stage if we win we could face portugal then after that brazil france or spain so it's lookin good if we play well today all is well if we don't i'll probably cry.

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