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  • Prb8 Prb8 Jun 26, 2006 05:11 Flag

    England vs Portugal

    We now know our destiny...
    Sat 1st july the day in question...
    shame Decco will miss it.. can't anyone nobble a few others. "figouer" out some way to do it...
    how do you think we will do??....

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    • Lets forget the pundits the people who think they know the result the people who question Englands ability, England our national team are there to win. Forget the FIFA boss who says we are not playing an attractive passing attacking game, the first rule of offence is defence, if we defend well and concede no goals and score one we win thats it we go through and I think Sven has realised this. We defend well and score a goal as bad or as flukey as it may seem we win we qualify and bring on Brazil or "France". At the end of the day its the result that counts not how we play not whether we push 10 men up the field and lose a goal on a break. We have a strong defence and I think we can win the game/games on the break. Lets bring them in let them attack. Englands defence is good enough to deal with most. Let them pass let them keep the ball but defend we must and counter as and when we can that will win the game for us. Its boring maybe but we need to work on our strengths and a fast counter attack can and will win the game. 1-0 England. Bring on the South Americans

    • Och, and stick your sporran up your #$%$ while you're about it.

      There are two other reasons why it was a great idea to replace the jocks by sheep :

      1. We English tourists can now go visiting the highlands without being harassed by primitive claymore-toting tribesmen, the remains of whom are now safely parked in the slums of Glasgow.

      2. The Scots can go and indulge as much as they want in their favorite sport, sheep-shagging, at which they're very good, after they get eliminated in the early stages of football tournaments.

    • Did you hear about the Scottish window cleaner?

      He was up his ladder and pulled his shammy outta his pocket.
      10 pence fell out,
      and when he got to the bottom it hit him on the head :0)

    • A wee joke back Frank.

      What do you call 2 Scotsmen hanging from a washing line???

      A pair of tights:0)

    • I wish England all the very best we will need to be able to take the pain without giving it back.

      My only concern is Limp Lampard, his shots are so week, and he dosn't appear to realise that 10 other team mates are on the pitch with him.


    • Can this wee Scottish lassie join your board? :0)
      Not all us jocks and jockesses are against England. I for one have England flags on my car and banners flying from my windows.
      I want England to win because they are a British team. The whole of the country should be supporting them.
      Dont get me wrong if Scotland were in it as well I would be routing for them but they arent and England is. Lets forget politics and just get behind our players.
      Rant over.

    • When does the England play again ? Did anyone said saturday ? Please need to know the time...Ta'

    • ha ha what a bitter post from yet another jealous jock. Just because your team is comically bad there is no need to take out your frustration on us. I know you feel left out of these tournaments but look on the bright side at least you have your caber tossing to keep you amused. Its understandable that you want england to lose, envy is a very powerful emotion but why dont you and the rest of your pipe playing, skirt wearing, obese faggots go and make some haggis, inject some heroine and leave the football to us.

    • Supporting England's football opponents is a very pitiful revenge for Culloden and the Clearances. Anyway, replacing
      the scots by sheep in the highlands was a great idea - sheep
      are pleasant and productive creatures unlike you idle porridge-gobbling louts, and don't spend their lives hacking one another to pieces in useless clan warfare. I'd guess you were 'bitterly disappointed' since the day you realised you were a jock and therefore lumbered with a life-long inferiority complex.

      Get over it you clown !!!!!

    • Anything can happen against Portugal, even if Portugal seem more fluid than England, England could hold them off and then have a flash of brilliance and half a teaspoon of luck and just do it. It would be good to see Theo supporting Rooney to begin with to test him and also throw Lennon into the mix, then sub Theo for Crouch. Come on England kick #$%$! Earn and justify those incredible salaries that we all moan about. Whack another one in Becks cos i like it when your lady jumps up and down, boing!

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