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    When will Fifa bring in the video ref?

    Seeing Italy's last gasp dive and the subsequent penalty surely it's time to have a video ref in place to ensure decisions are correct?. I know in this case he pointed straight to the spot but if the ref had had the option I'm sure he would have referred it to make absolutely sure. I'm no massive fan of either team in this game but I couldnt help fereling sorry for the Aussies and the fact that they we're pretty much robbed of a quarter final place. Maybe I'm wrong but it certainly didnt look like an Italian penalty to me and with the Portugese coming on Saturday who can often have a similar theatrical ethic it does concern me that these on the spot decisions can as we've seen so very often be wrong.

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    • The players themselves seem to know the rules better than the refs. Especially when a decision goeas against them. I say every player has to do a certain time per season as a ref. Then they'll find out how difficult it is. They would (knowing footballers as we do) also cheat like mad to give their team an advantage and to settle petty squabbles but if everyone's doing it, it would even out in the end. Voila. Problem solved.

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      • NMew nove way of resticting fouls, everytime somebody is booked they are given a cabbage to carry around during the game, it the drop this they are sent off.This will restric movement,jumping and tackling ,thus giving and advantage to the non cabage carryers.Goal keepers will have to save one handed ,jumping with one hand is difficult also our ref MR Pole will now be able to easily identify if he has to send off a play , has the player one cabbage OK, 2 cabagges?????

    • But what do you define as a 'minor' decision? The thing is it'll get to the point cricket are at whereby umpires are under such spotlight that they refer decisions that they know are correct just to be sure.

      The same will happen with referees - they will refer everything to video because they wont want to make the wrong decision.

      Another problem is as I said previously, video wont capture everything and my version of what a dive is could be slightly different to yours. Can you be 100% sure that the player dived? How many times have commentary teams in the studios analyse penalty shouts for ages and still come up with different answers?

      I just think using technology could help but not where it involves stopping the game for a period to consult the television. Football is one of only a handful of free-flowing games and this would change if video refs were consulted. Plus having slightly dodgy decisions are what give some games their character.

    • I would challenge you to referee a local Sunday league game and then say that you will fine refs then. I have had to referee a couple of games in the past and I can tell you it is the hardest thing I have ever had to do. These guys have an extremely tough job to do and need more support rather than being fined for a bad show.

    • I'm not saying use it for every minor decision - just for incidents where the referee isnt 100% sure about a penalty, serious foul etc. Even then it wouldnt take more that a couple of seconds to get a verdict - I know the fourth official in Rugby can take a long time but that's because the game laws are more complex. Seeing whether someones dived or (in a more recent case) clearly nutted someone in the coupon would only take a couple of seconds.

    • Does anyone think that there should be two additional assistant referees who stand next to the goals (one each end). They can be in charge of seeing if the ball crosses the line (by standing next to the post) or could help the referee out in case of a dodgy dive (by giving an extra pair of eyes at a different angle than the ref). I think this would solve a lot of problems and would be a great deal quicker than stopping the game to consult the video ref.

      Any thoughts???

    • The only problem with using Video Replays is when does the ref use it. I'm all for the use of technology but I don't want to see the game spoilt by time spent refereing to a video ref. The way to deal with diving is a straight red card, that will sort the problem quicker than any other punishment. The only way he could possibly use the video is if the game has already been stopped.

      As an example the pen against Australia, he gives the pen but he refers it to video ref. It comes back as a dive what does he do now? Send the diver of and give a free kick to Australia, thats the answer. The game was stopped so not to much time wasted. But what if its the other way round. He's waved play on after a blatent foul in the box, the defending team break away and play on. How do we refer that decision?

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      • Mark, refer to my earlier post, the fact is the "advantage" would tend to be less played and it might even make the refs job easier. After a few matches the cheats would know they were going to be found out and therefore would tend to stop. The thing is the ref would have no hesitation in blowing for the infringement(hence fewer instances of advantage), since there would be a free kick either way; This would be balanced by the guilty player being booked(and perhaps sent off) for diving. I think that for a short time there would be a slightly higher percentage of "fouls" blown for, but as video evidence became the norm there would be less fouls and a more free flowing game

      • The funny thing is that they actually have giant screen suspended overhead.

        However, there are many grey areas. It is hard to always decide whether someone has dived and players all react differently to challenges and contacts.

        There was an incident where a Ghanaian player (the same that was later sent off for diving) should have had a penalty but he was not given because he did not go down.

        The other thing is that, football commentators including ex-players dont always agree on the same thing (grey areas).

        Henry was fouled because Puyol came into him but his reaction seemed strange but he has discovered in the Barca game that if he does not go down he will not get much.

        Video refereeing will not solve all the problems but can always but sort out when ball cross the line and it will be a start to assist the ref...

    • All good comments, guys, however, lets look at the overall picture, There is no reason why FIFA could not "experiment" with video replay, and it would certainly be better than all these new balls they are hell bent on introducing. Their main argument is that football is a free flowing game , without the constant interruptions of other games that do use video, such as American gridiron. However this is just a smokescreen, the scenario is that if a foul is committed then the whistle is blown, thus interrupting play. The video could then be checked and , this is the important bit, if it is a foul then there is a free kick and/or card, if it is a dive then the free kick goes the other way as would the card, as in the Rivaldo incident in Japan. Similarly for a goal, such as Maradonas "hand of God" the video replay would have disallowed the goal and caused Maradona to be booked/sent off, and there would have been no interruption of play because play stops and returns to the centre circle after a goal anyway. Other advantages such as post match analysis of off the ball incidents or Figos head butt and the refs handling of the issue could also be examined in a relaxed post match atmosphere.
      The only reason it won't happen is because so much corporate cash is involved and the so called superstars, who are so talented that they need to cheat to gain an advantage over a team 47 places below them, (Brazil/Ghana) are so scared of being exposed for the frauds that they are.

    • You should be happy there was no video ref in 1966!

      Sepp from Germany

    • Football is still not in the 21st century... Viera had a valid goal against Korea, Muller had a hand ball against France and 2 nasty challenges against Korea. The problem with the video is that it will make it more difficult for the refs to make the decisions that suits the Fifa best...
      Seems that a few countries are barely ever penalised by the mistakes.
      I feel for Mexico who would have had a better chance if the Argentinian (last defender) had been sent off...

    • I agree. Refs throughout football are always making the wrong decision (except for when it favours the team I support, in which case it's the corect decision or if the ref misses a dive one of the players on the team I support has done, then it's fine). We should go back to the old way of deciding whether a foul has been committed or a player is offside. The way we used to when we played in the park when we were kids. Yes, that's right. Arguing about it, then having a fight.
      Or, since the players on both sides make appeals to the ref for anything from throw ins to offsides to dives, the game should be halted and the most eloquent player on both sides (or perhaps a lawyer hired by the team manager) should make the case for his side's claim. The ref and two touch judges then make a judgement and decide who is the guilty party and award the decision according to the persuasiveness of the player/lawyer.
      Or they could all realise that over the years judgments that go for them and judgements that go against them probably even out and they should just get on with the game and stop moaning like a bunch of girls (mind you a lot of them wear alice bands so a lot of the time they actually look like girls).
      Or if they really think the refs are no good they should stop playing.

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