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  • brian brian Jun 28, 2006 15:22 Flag

    When will Fifa bring in the video ref?

    All good comments, guys, however, lets look at the overall picture, There is no reason why FIFA could not "experiment" with video replay, and it would certainly be better than all these new balls they are hell bent on introducing. Their main argument is that football is a free flowing game , without the constant interruptions of other games that do use video, such as American gridiron. However this is just a smokescreen, the scenario is that if a foul is committed then the whistle is blown, thus interrupting play. The video could then be checked and , this is the important bit, if it is a foul then there is a free kick and/or card, if it is a dive then the free kick goes the other way as would the card, as in the Rivaldo incident in Japan. Similarly for a goal, such as Maradonas "hand of God" the video replay would have disallowed the goal and caused Maradona to be booked/sent off, and there would have been no interruption of play because play stops and returns to the centre circle after a goal anyway. Other advantages such as post match analysis of off the ball incidents or Figos head butt and the refs handling of the issue could also be examined in a relaxed post match atmosphere.
    The only reason it won't happen is because so much corporate cash is involved and the so called superstars, who are so talented that they need to cheat to gain an advantage over a team 47 places below them, (Brazil/Ghana) are so scared of being exposed for the frauds that they are.