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  • brian brian Jun 29, 2006 03:16 Flag

    When will Fifa bring in the video ref?

    Mark, refer to my earlier post, the fact is the "advantage" would tend to be less played and it might even make the refs job easier. After a few matches the cheats would know they were going to be found out and therefore would tend to stop. The thing is the ref would have no hesitation in blowing for the infringement(hence fewer instances of advantage), since there would be a free kick either way; This would be balanced by the guilty player being booked(and perhaps sent off) for diving. I think that for a short time there would be a slightly higher percentage of "fouls" blown for, but as video evidence became the norm there would be less fouls and a more free flowing game

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    • Not saying we couldn't go down the video ref's way, just saying asking for it would take more time away from playing. If you've read my other posts i've suggested other ways round poor refereeing. How about Fineing Ref's, they fine players if they complain to much but if the decision is wrong why shouldn't they complain. Ref's get away with poor decisions all time, how about 3,5 or 7 game bans for ref's with no pay. £40000 a year ref's are on in the premier league. Also relegation to lower league football until they improve. It's not always the players that are at fault ie the russian ref from the portugal/holland game. Glad to see FIFA have sent him and Poll packing.