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  • brian brian Jun 28, 2006 16:34 Flag

    Boycott the newspapers

    Been thinking this for years but maybe now is the time.
    Does anyone seriously think that the papers want England to do well??
    Fact 1 Bad news sells better than good news
    Fact 2 The papers are always on the lookout for muck raking gossip about the players, manager etc. which they know is bound to upset our chances AND they always use the right to publish argument, irregardless of this effect.
    Fact 3 If there is no muck to rake they invent it, viz Sven in Arabia. Entrapment results in a case being thrown out of court, so lets throw the papers out.
    Fact 4 The constant inquiry into private lives has no bearing on the player or managers ability. if we really wanted the team to do well we would concentrate on the positive, but that does not sell papers.

    Question, can anyone honestly say they needed to know about Rebecca Loos, or that secretary from the FA?? The only winners from all the press #$%$ stirring are the nonentities involved, (Loos is now earning as a TV presenter) the Publicists (Max I will sell anything for the right price, Clifford) and of course the journalists who are getting paid vast sums of money for inventing stories from the safety of their air-conditioned office, instead of looking for real news, in somewhere like Afghanistan. For the football fan, being conned into thinking that all this is worth knowing should be heavily weighed against what it is doing to our chances as a national team.

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    • I wouldn't blame your press that harshly. It's not like there is just the yellow press and nothing else in the UK.
      Your sun most likely, will always publish stuff like what Mrs. Beckham was doing last nite. That's how the yellow press works. Our Bild e.g. did really the best they could to give our coach and the team a hard time before the worldcup.
      But well, fortunally a bunch of UK Papers are also available online, and some of them write really good articles. Not always glorifying the english team to the highest, sometimes with critisising them, but most of these critics is at least reasonable, even if you have another point of view. For the yellow Press, their goal is to sell as much as possible, not to care for the mood of the players.
      A view from the point of an outsider of course.

    • I couldn't agree more, but I'd go much further and say that as far as life in general is concerned journalists do everything they can to provoke trouble and strife, it's in their own financial interest. Bad news is good news for them, and when there isn't any within easy reach (you won't find many of them going looking for it in the Congo at the moment for example) they'll invent it without batting an eyelid.

      They are, in general, totally unscrupulous and immoral.
      And then after all that, they've got the brass gall to pose
      as our moral guides and critics.

      Yes, you might have guessed by now I DON'T LIKE JOURNALISTS

    • The press run the world now. Like the Iraq war . I think the #$%$ where in iraq before we got there. We should send the rats home .
      If they nohting to print they will make #$%$ up .
      Max Clifford is like a lawyer lower than squid #$%$ at 6000 fathoms,