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    I have a solution to the attack!

    I have a possible solution to the striking problems. Leave Rooney as the loan striker, but give extra support from a strong 3 man central midfield of Gerrard, Lampard and Beckham (yes play him in the center). Drop Carrick and replace him with Lennon on the wing. Move Beckham inside and let him form an unbeatable tandem with Gerrard and Lampard. Each feeding off the others, rotating round which will cover as holding man with each attack while 2 go forward. All can tackle well, and pass well and 2 at a time can go forward to link up with Rooney. Plus you'll have Lennon as another outlet on the wing to cause problems with his speed when running directly at defenders and with balls played through for him to chase. I think it'll work, it just takes some guts from Sven. And he needs to use Walcott soon. He brought him, so use him. Let him cause problems with his pace and unknown quality.

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    • Enough already with this lone striker #$%$

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      • Lone striker? I know its a #$%$ term because it suggests one man up front vying against 4 defenders. That's why we need a strong 3 man central midfield where 2 will repeatadly get forward to help out rooney as the other stays a little further back in case play breaks or the ball needs feeding back for the move to start again. In that respect you stop having a lone striker and have 3 strikers.
        The favourite thing in modern football is to have one man pushed further forward (ie Owen) and one a little deeper (ie Rooney). To me thats still lone striker. This way is similar, but instead of having 1 man deeper you have 2. More options, more runs, more penetration, more chance of a goal. Look at the way things started to work late on against Ecuador, both Lampard and Gerrard were up in the thick of the action in and around the box, linking up with Rooney and creating chances. If the ball had fallen right, and if Lampard hadnt suddenly developed 2 left feet we could have had another 4 goals.
        My way is 3 strikers with a difference. With the additional 2 strikers being midfielders further forward you get better ball handling, better passing and the willingness to tackle back if things go wrong. How many other strikers tackle back? Not too many. Now add Beckham into the middle for a tandem in there and you can keep one of the 3 hanging back and rotate off each other to keep each attack varied and keep the defence guessing. The deeper man is always harder to pick up, so with 2 deeper men dragging out defenders it leaves holes everywhere for Rooney to expolit.
        And I say Beckham as an middle man because, unlike Carrick, he will go forward.

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    • I agree with the part about Walcott waiting as a poacher to strike fear into the hearts of the portuguese defence. My reason for saying to drop Carrick and put Lennon on the wing with Beckhma moving inside was for a similar reason. Portugal like to think of themselves in the same vain as Brazil, and love their attacking full-backs. Lennon's speed on the wing will give that extra advantage on fast breaks and counters, especially with Beckhams vision and accuracy from the middle dropping the ball behind the defenders for him to run past.

    • Did you see the video compilation of Walcott's goals...impressive, but this is an entirely different level of play than he is used to...eh give him a shot what have you got to lose ... the world cup?

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      • This is a different level of play, but does that mean he wont be capable. There were questions over Michael Owen's capability to handle the world cup level when thrust into the limelight even though he had more club experience, and he was fine. There's always going to be questions over whether the younger players will be able to handle the pressure, physicalities and level of play at this stage but how do you know without trying them. Forget experience, look at ability. Look at previous big name, vastly experienced players who've flopped at the international stage. Stan Collymore was a regular goal scorer for club, but couldnt hack it for country. Robbie Fowler likewise struggled at international level. You dont know until you try them. If he was worth putting in the squad, he's worth trying.
        And I'm not suggesting starting him, I'm saying as the competition works on fatigue from the long season will set in. Legs will become tired and someone like Walcott is fresh, young and eager to prove he wasnt put into the squad for shock value. Playing him for the last 30 minutes against Portugal and their cumbersome back line will not lose England the world cup. If we're in front then even better. Sven always makes the mistake of sacrificing a striker for a defender when closing out a game and sitting back, which leads to mistakes and leaking goals. Bring on the fresh, quick legs and allow him to lurk further forward to catch them on the break as they push forward to seek out late equalizers. Hows that going to lose us the world cup?

    • bloody hell shaun lets make you manager eh, #$%$!

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      • Is this not a football forum?
        Is it not about fans sharing ideas and discussing what they think?
        Each and every armchair fan in the country has a view about the way things could be changed around to improve things and each person gives there own two cents about it. Does that mean I should be manager? No. Does it mean that I had an idea and wondered if anyone shared that idea? Yes.
        Does that mean some dimwitted half-brain will write in with some dumb #$%$ comment? Unfortunately, given the world today, yes it does. Thankyou for your timely and insightful words of wisdom.

      • englandareshitatfootball? are you welsh or scottish?

    • the solution is get rid of the shrek and the #$%$ (crouch), go to iran and bomb it!! that's the best attacking thing our england could possibly do!!

    • lol, I didn't think to this attack, but you're right it's a football forum!