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  • Sleepy-Jazz Sleepy-Jazz Jul 2, 2006 11:03 Flag

    Back Off!!

    OK everyone is slating England's performance - and in the previous matches this is rightly so - they played on their luck. But I watched the Portugal game despite the previous poor show as did many other fans - Beckham limping off was a god send because we performed good and I challenge anyone to say otherwise. 11 man Portugal can't beat a 10 man England except on penalties. I personally did not think that Rooney should have been sent off although I would need to see a replay to make a proper judgement - it looked to me that the portuguese guy had his legs around Rooney pulling him back. Just there was not much room for Rooney to put his leg down.

    Anyway, that is not the point - the point is that England were not beaten in open play with 10 men in the quarter finals of the world cup - that is an achievement that not many other teams can boast!!

    So just lay off the team on today's performance because today was the first time England have played a good game in this world cup

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    • But the point also is that although a 10 man England didn't get beat in open play we still lost on penalties... Now if they changed the rules and awarded the match to the team who tried the hardest then England would've won... Kinda reminds u when at sports day and some fat kid whose outta shape, tries his hardest and gets a medal 4 trying the hardest lol......

    • P.S. Man of the match Wayne Rooney for stamping on a Portuguese cheating player - pity the rest of the team did not stick into them also - anyone else notice that EVERY time Portugal lost possession their player hit the floor? I though FIFA was booking players for that kind of play?

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      • Yes I noticed that too... as soon as any England player literally brush by them then the Portugese would fall to the floor as if he'd been hit by a car and stay down until the ball went out of play then they supposedly recovered... and got up and were running around.. we english are too honest if any of our players go down they go down because they HAVE been injured...

      • with all the focus on Rooney/ ronaldo no one is complaining about the 2 ( yes 2 ) LEGITIMATE claims we had for penalties during the game (1.handball 2. Lennon hacked down)
        the ref was more biased than the pro Germany ones i have seen. why is it in the big games we always get a ref who has history of arguaments with English players on a club level??? coincidence????
        to all those who think this is a sore rant please note i have been posting truthfully on non English games too..
        now for the sake of the game i hope France win it as i have only seen 1 dive by them and hundreds by the others.