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  • Chuck Chuck Feb 13, 2007 18:44 Flag

    Will Wembley make it on time...

    Does anyone seriously think that Wembley will open its doors on time to host the FA Cup final? With so many stories appearing in the press about delays and disputes it is beginning to seem unlikely.

    England last played at Wembley in Octover 2000. That's nearly 7 years ago. Is there nothing that the FA can do to give us back our national staduim? Arsenal's new ground seemed to crop up out of nowhere, on time, with no fuss. Why couldn't Wembley be the same?

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    • wembley stadium will open on time for the fa cup final if only to save the fa from further embarasment and to charge sport fans large ticket prices to pay for it

    • It might be ready for the cup final but we as the paying public will be the ones that will suffer the most out of this shambles.

      We will be paying for a ground that the Goverment will use for free as per usual and most of us in or life time will not be able to get tickets to anything as per the norm for this country due to living outside the boundrys of The so called glorious London.

      We the working public are the ones that have paid for this new ground so why cant we as employers say enough is enough as you said Arsenal never had this problem..

      It makes me laugh at the fact that we should have a Natonal Stadium stuck so far down the bottom end of the country why was it not somwhere in the middle are do we the real paying public not really matter...

      And now i read that they now have a problem with contracters well think about it if it was your employer haveing a problem with you as the Grafters im sure you whould find that the door is that way..

      So do i think it will be ready in time i really dont think it matters that much as we the working public will end up as per the norm paying till we leave this place so me i am a big Football Fan dont really care anymore....