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    Last night's replays

    So, Anyone shocked? It is probably fair to say that although many of us were hoping to see Spurs and Boro come good no-one is really that surprised.

    2x Main talking points:

    1. The Spurs fan that tried to lamp Lamps. How should the FA deal with incidents like that? Should Spurs have dealt with it better? Did Chelsea aggrivate the situation?

    2. Ronaldo's penalty. Was he felled or did he dive? And what about his overall performance?

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    • Ronaldo did a clear cut dive in the penalty but any defender knows with is pace when u go to challenge him in the penalty area 9 times out of 10 is pace will c hin get a penalty. But he put it away nicely watford will win cup

    • The Ronaldo incident amazes me, everyone knows that all over the world of soccer these men are proffesional divers.
      I do not know what school the FA people went to but in my book it is called cheating. and there bare too many winning matches because of this behaviour. The truth is refs are beginning to be intimidated by the big clubs. time to wake up .FA

    • Security failed and without being there we can't say if off camera Chelsea players were inciting the Spurs fans maybe it was the way they won? At least Spurs fans did not have to suffer batons and tear gas, some people may think some fans are spoilt after coming out of the dark ages of the 70's and 80's at football grounds in this country and we are not going back because three or four 'fans' got past some very large security men, why didn't Lamps just run?
      Because he has to be a man in front of his own team mates, the macho, 'this is a man's game', 'I can win anything', positive motivation showed its face in a different way after the whistle.

    • well known fact ronaldo claims he is just to good in his opinion only when infact hes a cheat a liar and a diver did no one see him headbutt rooney at the world cup he didnt get a red send him back to portugal or on tour with michael flatley how about a golden goal in replays instead of replays over and over again man utd lucky side of the year beat liverpool last minute after liverpool outplayed them for 90 minutes

    • Ronaldo 3 Middlesboro 0, He is Dodgy Dubious & downright dispicable as on each occasion it has been his actions which are usually false which have spoilt 3 godd games between these teams this season and brought the fans to feverhate tension.For Ferguson to support him I am surprised as if it was the opposition he would be the first to complain,Was Ronaldo on the pitch when Woodgate slid towards him as from where I saw it he looked to be behind the byline which is out of play to me. As the previous writer said Man Utd get a lot of the decisions their way, had any other opposition player reacted like ROONEY did they too would have been sent off why was he not even booked .

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      • Will someone explain to me why Woodgate fell flat on his face if he didn't touch anyone. Any defender knows how to slide into a tackle, and if you make no contact you end up sitting on the leg tucked up beneath you as your slide comes to an end.
        He was behind Ronaldo and no where near the ball and clipped the leg of someone moving at speed, he prevented another player from making his next move.
        If you need someone to critise, watch Chelsea's three year tactic of trying to get free-kicks around the box, if not in it, and the vehemence with which they attack the Referee if they don't get the smallest of decision.

    • Have to say a player like ronaldo with all his talent goes down way too easy, on the face of it his goal spared Man Utd some extra time and possibly red faces, there were tackles far worse than that one that the referee ignored. ronaldo when tackled anywhere never seems to just get up and try to continue, now dont get me wrong if hes really hurt then by all means roll around for half an hour off the pitch. I honestly think over the two legs middlesborough were very unfortunate and manchester united this season have had a lot of refereeing decisions in their favour. I still think when there is this much at stake the borderline decisions the ones where you can honestly say "i think the referee may not have seen it correctly" there should be a video replay available and two invigilators that can view it with the referee and vote for the action any delay in time can be added at the end of the match.

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      • have to agree but dont a lot of them dive these days it seems to be the new football trend diving divas maybe lol

      • I'd have to say i was all for vidio evidence of peniltys and tackles that are aimed at breaking legs put'n players out of work,But if you looked at the scotland V france game they have all the refs with all the technoligy and yet they still f..ked up by given france a last second try(There's no way it was a try)This in a game of such importence that meant so much,But he still went on and #$%$'d up the result.As for ronaldo he's so good i hate to say,But he's a cheat'n #$%$ it's a pity as he is so gift'd.