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  • Joseph W Joseph W Oct 26, 2005 21:29 Flag

    Chelsea are not very good compared to the best teams in history

    Chelsea fans may think they have the best team in the world...but remember this: If you want to be remembered as the best ever, then your team would have to win the European Champions league trophy at least 4 times in the next 7 seasons, to come anywhere close to being compared to the mighty Liverpool side of the late 70s/early 80s.

    Aside from Frank Lampard, Chelsea don't have any truly world class players. Liverpool on the other hand had Dalglish, Keegan, McDermott, Lawrenson, Ray Kennedy, Phil Neal, Hansen etc. They were all British players too! I'm certain the Liverpool side of 77 and 84 would have torn the current Chelsea side to shreds. Both Ajax and Bayern Munich won the European Cup 3 times in a row back in the early seventies. The current crop of Chelsea players will NEVER come close to achieving this feat. Chelsea fans think they have the best team in the world just because they haven't been beaten in 39 games . Not much of an achievement considering that most of the teams they face in the premier league are sub standard. AC Milan were able to go unbeaten in 58 matches back in the 92/93 season (against the ultra defensive Catenaccio system which most teams adopt in Serie A) . They won the European Cup 3 times in the space of 4 years during the nineties .Reached the final 5 times in in 7 seasons. Chelsea don't have what it takes to do this. Faced against the great Milan side of Gullit, Rikjaard and Van Basten, they make Drogba and Gudjonsen look like third rate strikers,

    Just because you've beaten Betis 4-0 at home, you already think your team are a bunch of world beaters. Betis are in the lower half of the Spanish division...doesn't really compare to beating Juventus 3-0 at the Stadio Del Alpi (which Manchester United did back in 2003) or annihilating Inter Milan 5-1 at the San Siro (which Arsenal did achieved back in 2002). Face it, Chelsea are not the best team in the world, and will never be. Nottingham Forest were better than Chelsea. Forest won the European Cup twice in a row back in the late 70s. Chelsea have never won the European Cup. They will never win the trophy...not even come close to reaching the finals. Best team in the world? More like best team in a mediocre English league. Enjoy your time at the top, because once Mourinho leaves for Portugal, Chelsea will be forgotten as just another mid-table side.

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    • this is an argument for ten years down the line right now you can't compare chelsea to liverpool of the 70s/80s or united of the 90's because we haven't done enough to be compared yet ten years we will see how they compare to each other for now just let it go chelsea fans are very happy that we got our first top league title since 1955 and you should be happy for us too we might win it again this year but united and arsenal are perfectly capable of winning the title

    • mate i agree with you a little bit.

      well every great team is built on defence,and you have said apart from lamps we dont have world class players.

      well by the looks of it we have terry,carvalho,gallas,del horno,paulo,geremi,bridge,johnson,huth which forms our backline,i included subs there too.

      isnt that world class you mean terry and gallas are not world class.we made the record of conceding the smallest number of goals last year beating the great liverpool record.so do you think mate isnt that world class.

      moving to mid-field makelele,lampard,essien,gudjohnsen(he is being transformed into a mid),diarra,and robben,cole,swp,duff form a world class mid field.

      as a neutral you might not agree with it,but it is true.
      in crespo we have the accuracy machine.
      ok drogs wouldnt score that many goals but still he is our own version of beast.

      and fans would always think that their players are the best in the world.and you cant blame them for that,and stats say that way.it could have been 10 consecutive wins this season if it wasnt for linesman for not wearing glasses.

      we have the stats,and we have a great future by the looks of it.and we chelsea fans are proud to say that hopefully in the next few years if not the best ever but we could be the most successful team ever.

      i could be biased in a way,but its ok.

    • oooh its not that we beat bettis, in fact apart from second half against bolton and liverpool I don't think we have played as well as we can yet, lord help the rest when we click. I reckon when we beat Barcelona last year was when I thought hold on we have a damn good team here, shame we didn't buy owen though I woulda love him in the side, still beats me why Liverpool went for Crouch, Ameobi has a similar style but at least he scores.