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    Is the Champions League Worthless???

    Big Question i know?? But think about it... The top four of a domestic league can get into it, It is a cup competition, that is now so diluted by the amount of teams in it, that if you do not win it as champions of your own league, people say the best team didnt win!? So what is the point??

    I support United as people know, and when were first in it 92/93 93/94 it was still the european cup, truly hallowed and if you were gonna win that, you were gonna beat the cream of europe, because every team were the champions of there domestic league...but these days i dunno, Champions league is a bit of a farce?

    I am just curious what people think, should we restore the european cup? Scrap the CL and then start a new Euro league style comp for the rest in 234 in the domestic leagues???

    Winning the prem is now a bigger thing than Europe

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    • Yep eddrb4 you are right Liverpool qualified as the holders Forest as Champions and they beat Liverpool 2-0 in a two legged first round.

    • rotfpmsl, no brains eh

    • is that your intelligent contribution to the thread.

      grow up kraphead

    • PMSl nice one,

      yer i understand that but that would mean that not all games would be on a knife edge, in fact, a lot of games would not be worth watchin.

      sadly, football is only a bye product of making money now mack, uefa and clubs benefit more financially from the current format. and a club would argue that top class players need top class money,
      revenue from an extended run enables clubs to pay these inflated wages and help compete for players in the transfer market.
      whn it was just the plain old european cup i seem to remember that england got at least 2 places anyway.

      didnt forest knock liverpool out on the way to winning it in 79 or 80

    • Youve got to have ye whipping boys Ed!! What other purpose do Newc Utd Serve????

    • i agree to an extent but would hardly expect every game on a knife edge. after all the champions of latvia, bulgaria and every other emerging nation would be paticipating.
      the format now, works because it sorts the wheat from the chaff so to speak, however, it also means that the real competition doesnt start till the knockout stages.
      i think that now there are so many new nations in europe,( most splintered from the eastern block) a straight forward knockout would still mean more games than there used to be by virtue of there being more teams in it from the start.

    • Agreed. I would go for Champions only, cup knock out.

      That would be cool. Everygame on a knife edge!

    • CL Money Earners 04/05

      Liverpool 20.5 million
      Chelsea 18.8 million
      Arsenal 15.7 million
      Manchester United 10.9 million

      The trophy may have beem devalued but in terms of finance to the club no other competition comes close.

    • The question posed, by a ManUSA fan at that, scarcely deserves a response.

      OBVIOUSLY THE CL MATTERS!! I've seen the likes of foreign legends such as Cruyff, Beckenbauer, Platini, and Eusebio go on and on about the chances and hopes of their national clubs in the CL rounds. Apparently, for these legends of the game, the tournament is THE definitive club championship!

      I would assume that hardly anyone else in Europe minimizes the importance of this tournament (aside, of course, from posters such as 'mackdaddybeat' who have given up their sides for dead in such a tourney).

      Get the CL trophy Blues!!


    • Great question. In my opinion it's too diluted and should go back to the old european cup. Last year's Liverpool were a very poor team, and them winning it certainly diminished the prestige. Having been a Chelsea fan for the past 40+ years I can tell you it was much more exciting watching them play Barcelona (who I thought were the best team in the CL)than Liverpool. I think the consistently good teams in europe have a really hard time performing well in the CL when they are under so much pressure in their own leagues week in and week out, and allowing so many teams in the CL translates into far too many games for the top teams. Last year Chelsea were challenging for everything, but Liverpool were only worried about the CL. (No, I'm not going to cry about the penalty decision against Chelsea in the semi final, because I thought it was a good decision. Chelsea were awful in the two semis and you don't deserve to go through if you can't score in three hours.) I do think that they were very tired at that point in the season which adversely affected their performance.

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