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  • to all you non chelsea fans that are so naiive, stop trying to look for excuses to put us down. We dont give a #$%$ we know we`ve got the foundations for domination in world football for a long time to come. We may have had a little bit of luck with Roman but so what, we were broke so just as well, its spiced up world footy. I`ve been reading some of the #$%$ that people say about chelsea............

    1- `Buying` the title------- blackburn bought the title and couldnt maintain it. Chelsea, however, were more clever. We didnt buy `galacticos` like real madrid. we`ve bought players that are gonna fit in the team. Chelsea is a team that plays with the 3 main attributes; teamwork, mentality and organisation....that is what makes us so unique, u cannot buy that!!!!!!

    2-The current team----- Chelsea are not gonna keep buying expensive players 4 much longer, maybe a striker and a few others here and there but our youth system will be one of the worlds best soon, so we will be producing a lot of home grown talent! And as for the money we have spent on players already, they are not proven world best! we have looked carefully for potential and mental attributes and look where its got us. A lot of teams in our position would have bought world allstars.
    Since being at chelsea individuals have established themselves as the best in the world....mourinho, cech. Terrys one of the best centre backs in the world, and lampard the best midfielder!

    3. The pitch---- err shut up! we have to play on it as well. talent can play on any surface! The pitch is on a flood plain, and it rains a lot. what can we do? U cannot create a perfect pitch from scratch in 2 weeks!

    4. Other title contenders---- We may look miles better then the rest, but it doesnt help when teams are gettin #$%$. Man u and arsenal are underperforming this season, but thancks for making us look even better! Liverpool are our main contenders.............2-0!!!

    Long live the kings!!!!


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