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    Arsen report on last nights match

    The Gunners were second best across the entire 90 minutes but did there usual thing at the death and #$%$ up by a late Luis Garcia strike as The Reds clinched a 1-0 win at Anfield.
    As a result Arsenal remain screwed four points shy ( which is miles off the top 3) of rivals Sweet tootham in fourth place, but Wenger insisted he was’nt crying and happy with his team's effort’s and even suggested they could have won the game despite their lack of overpaid French muppets grooming there hair and not bothering on goalscoring opportunities. That Figures Arsen
    "I thought maybe we could borrow a goal from Man u or Chelsea you know because we tried to push high up Hypia to score," Wenger told Sky Sports.
    "It's #$%$ because we had a throw in for us and a goal for them, so short to go and no chance to come back, it’s very difficult to take this situation and we are all very upset.
    "But we fight hard and we have to stick together and bounce back from that and all the other games we thought vi va la france but #$%$ them up aswell.
    "They had the penalty and maybe more clear cut chances than we had.
    "But you know we had a few chances, and especially in the first half we had an offside given on [Emmanuel] Adebayor that was the opening goal maybe so it could have gone both ways.
    "Liverpool was a bit more dangerous than we were but in the end we gave it everything."
    Wenger also denied that his young side have a psychological problem called I can’t score a #$%$ goal on their travels, as they have been dismal away from Highbury all season.
    "No it is not a psychological problem," Wenger added. There just #$%$

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