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    Jose killing individual players skill?

    Myself and my husband have been Chelsea fans for many years and while last year being crowned league champions was wonderful, I noticed Jose doesn't seem to be a fan of individual flair show by players.

    Jose seems to like his players to play a very ridged formation, with players sticking to their area of the pitch. Joe Cole was constantly belittled by Jose last season as a showboater and has only become a regular this season - It's almost as if Jose was programming Joe into his mindset. The same is happening to Shaun Wright-Phillips this season at Man City he was a free spirit unpredictable flair player, the type of player Jose doesn't seem to like, I bet when SWP's starts gets first team action at Chelsea he'll be much more ridged.

    I think because of this Chelsea aren't the most exciting team to watch at the minute (I watched with envy at Arsenals freeflowing attacking football with individual flair and great teamplay last night) and I wish Jose would let some of the more skilled players of the leash alittle more and entertain. He does seem abit of a control freak at times, doesn't he!

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    • well anyone with an ounce of passion can see jose develops players he doesnt stifle them,my two examples are prove of that,thats why i question them actually being chelsea fans.well football fans actually.cos they obviously dont know anything,hardly any of chelseas playersif any are galacticos so we have won back to back titles thank to jose,yes jose his leadership did it,thats why all the others loved clownio..spent all that money but won nothing.

    • I think the difficulty for Chelsea at the moment is that there is such a lit of pressure not only for results but quick results... what is happening is a bout of buying that beggars belief and unfortunately when that happens you get some fall out because for quick results you need proven players because you don't have the time to develop the young ones... SWP has fallen foul of this which is why is out of form and not in the England squad, Bridge also would not be there if he had not gone on loan...thats life unfotunately for these guys... either take the money and be a bit part in a squad that wins ( or could) lots of things or be star in a smaller squad which perhaps does not win as much silverware.... the counterpoint to route is however that like SWP you might lose form and drop out of things completely... in his current state I wouldn't say he's worth more than £8m which is a bad return twelve months later on an investment of £21m.

    • Hard to entertain when you're faced with 10 defenders. SWP will be fine, don't worry.

    • joe cole did turn out well, but what happened to scott parker and shaun wright phillips? football is entertainment, chelsea arent entertaining

    • Actually while we're onto the subject of Benitez - why is it that the media loves the scousers so much? Essien is berated for two rough tackles but Gerrard's two studs up brutal efforts around the same time barely get a mention. Then there's the "boring" Chelsea tag, yet Liverpool are considerably more negative and dull to watch. Not just style either - 60 goals scored by Chelsea against 45 by Liverpool. Benitez can even get away with his Defoe comments with barely a mention. Imagine if it had been Mourinho making those destabilising comments. Where are all Liverpool's detractors in the media?

    • Its a valid point Chelsea are wobbling, teams are adapting to the Jose type of game plan. There is one exception though, he does encourage individual artistic impression.
      Drogba flaps that much that one day he is gonna take off and fly, in fact if he was yellow he would look like Orvil.
      SWP as u call him does the tread foot dive, u know ive trod on my own feet miles away from any body so i'll dive and gain a free kick. Then we have the Robin bullet, pick ur nose any where near him and he goes down as if he were shot, i actually think he is a real danger to himself he could get whiplash falling over in that manner. Jose himself has lost the ability to clap, any body watching the Fa cup game recently couldn't fail to notice the next manager of portugal trying to clap but missing his hands because ur players couldnt put the ball into a danger zone, he could have been farting and dispersing the smell whatever the reason Chelsea are no longer the breath of fresh air they once were.

    • AMEN to that brother

    • Many football clubs are bankrolled by wealthy benefactors with interesting pasts. Many people consider AC Milan to be a good side with Berlusconi at the helm. They are recognised. Real Madrid had the patronage of Franco. I think you'll find they were well recognised for their greatness. Chelsea will be remembered as one of the big European sides for some time to come.

    • Are we bovvered?

    • As an individual I am free to express my opinion , given the overwhelming weight of anecdotal evidence from the history of the downfall of the soviet system and its aftermath. Abramovich came to 'own' a huge asset base in a very short period of time from a standing start. It is inconceivable that this was accumalated in a normal way. He was not the only oligarch to enrich himself in this way, but he is the most public in the way he expatriates his wealth. Presumably there is/will be a price to pay.
      Whilst the press have inferred dubious sources of his wealth I am sure they are careful in picking targets especially ones so rich that legal suites can be persued with impunity.
      Chelski supporters may regard themselves as 'lucky' to have such a benefactor , but surely you realise that real success is one which is recognised and applauded by neutrals and even competitors. The 'freakish' nature of Chelski's success will not find this recognition.

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