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    However, it cannot be disputed seriously that if Beckham played for any other World Cup nation his place in the team would now be dangling on the edge of oblivion after his utterly insipid performance, and non-existent leadership, in the second-half shambles against Sweden earlier in the week. Eriksson's claim that "most" people believe Beckham should retain his position in the team - despite the brilliant cameo challenge of young Aaron Lennon in making such a major contribution to turning around the game with Trinidad & Tobago - is surely in need of serious revision. Celebrity parties, the milking of publicity, after all, can go only so far in obscuring the obvious when a player is exposed to the litmus test of World Cup football.

    This is Beckham's third attempt at authentic glory at the highest level of football. So far the pattern is familiar enough: a free-kick of formidable flight and accuracy, leading to the only goal against Paraguay in a pitiful performance shorn of cohesion and the example of drive and leadership the captain is supposed to provide; a successful cross to Peter Crouch in the generally wretched exercise against Trinidad & Tobago; and nothing less than a virtual disappearance from sight when Sweden, modestly equipped Sweden, imposed pure panic in the English ranks earlier this week. This is not a profile of leadership, it is not the tilt at greatness about which he talked so relentlessly before this tournament, as he did prior to the previous World Cup in the Far East and in the European Championship in Portugal. It is the empty posturing that drove Sir Alex Ferguson to near distraction before he sold Beckham to Real Madrid, and damned the consequences - which in Real's case have not exactly been hugely beneficial.

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