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  • For one who had a squillion opportunities to score throughout the campaign, it seems even if he was gifted a ball an inch away from the goal he wouldnt be able to tap it in. First penalty for us, should have been a decisive example for the rest, he strode up and fluffed it. What a disgrace - absolutely pathetic. What a loser!

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    • no one has a clue here. im a massive chelsea fan. its obvious he under performed. we can see that because for us hes awesome and we watch him week in week out. but he has played 60 odd games. terry and him should not be relied upon to score every game. Has ballack??????? he dont get no pressure bout it. the difference was walcott i mean he never played and lets be honest we had no strikers for france game anyway. lamps has been too over hyped and he has failed to deliver therefore. the chelsea boys all failed because they were too tired

    • Even though I am an avid Chelsea Supporter I have to admit Frank Lampard did very little during the World Cup, where was his usual flare and magic? suspectfully left in the dressing room... However on a whole the might of the England team never raised as much as a roar in any of its matches because every player played like an individual instead of a team.

    • Name one player who did have a good tournament, yeh Frank did miss his penalty but at least he went first knowing that he was not firing on all cylinders, that to me shows he does have b$5ls.

      The three players you would bank on did not come up to scratch when it mattered FL,SG.JC so why is Frank the fall guy.

      Only one man is to blame for the whole fiasco and that is Sven, he took two crippled forwards, one 17 yr old kid who Sven did not consider playing, failed to make proper use of Lennon, Carrick, Jenas or am I being unrealistic in my comments.

      Yes I am a Blue through and through and can be slightly biased and I do agree that FL & JC had an indifferent tournament but rthere were other players on the pitch who under achieved as well so lay off making FL to be the villian of the piece.

    • That has been a problem of the whole Eriksson regime though, he never controlled the dressing room and the players had alot of influence in picking the team

    • Still say over the course of the Tournament Lampard. Think he was awful in every game.
      Dont get me wrong, I have been a huge fan of him over the last few years and thats why I didnt say he is #$%$, I just said he choked on the big stage

    • Bottom line, Lampard flopped at the very top. Thats not to say every other player shone - because they didnt! However Lampard WAS Englands worst player.
      I personally am just going to look to the future. #$%$ gutted about the result but in four years we will still have Rooney, JT, Gerrard, A + J Cole, Carrick, Walcott, Lennon, Robinson, Owen, Crouch, Rio, Young, King, Defoe.... I could go on but my point is we still have such a young squad. I dare say there will be a few new players come through as well!!

    • well we should probqably single out players that did do well, cos they deserve it, like terry, A Cole, J Cole, Hargreaves, lennon, rio and gerrard most of the time.
      some players were below par, but mostly the manager was #$%$ with his squad selection and tactics. period.
      oh yeah and england have a penatly curse. maybe england should have a german manager to teach them the art of taking penalty kicks.

    • Agreed about Hargreaves - no-one is writing him off now. He's been our best player this tournament. Joe Cole had a couple of excellent matches too, and Terry, Ferdinand and Ashley Cole were good (as was Robinson - most of the time).

    • Conor, Mel says "go to bed"

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