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  • I'm getting worried!

    Even I'm started to get anoyed with chelsea and I'm a chelsea fan!

    At the end of the season Morinho insured us that 2/3 players would leave and 2/3 players would be bought. So far 2/3 have left but we've bought 5. AND its rumored that another 4/5 players will leave/go on loan, which means another 3/4 players will be bought. By the end of august we could have bought a whole new team! Does anyone else think theres somthing wrong with that?

    Also selling of players we have bought 1 season ago (del horno), surely that shouldnt be happeing with a top class player.

    Finaly, with the opening of the Italian sale, i wouldnt be suprised if we didnt dip in for a few defenders, If any of them are 29 or over i think I'll go mad! we seem to be selling our good young players and buying old v expensive ones. That means every couple of years we'll need to buy a new very expensive team!

    What do you all think?

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    • I agree with you to a point I don't think anyone would say that bringing Shev to the club could be anything but a good point. Ballack I am not so sure of as I don't see him and Lampard playing well together and I prefer Lampard.

      Also the Italian sale is a once in a lifetime opportunity really so not taking advantage of that would also be criminal if they feel there are players we would benefit from. Top class players don't come to the market that often.

      Youth players is a tricky one, everyone would like to see homegrown players come through but if they are not good enough too play in the main squad would you include them just for the sake of it?

      Personally I would like to see it compulsary that two of your subs positions must be for youth players. Hopefully that would get more played and cause them to get more experience etc etc etc

    • I wouldn't say I'm annoyed more confused as to what the point off a youth academy is if you only use it to bring youngsters in and then sell them on, very profitable yes, but they don’t cover the cost of these ageing players do they ?

    • The problem is that Chelseas 10 year plan is to buy the top talent from around the world for its 1st team AND its youth team....but for totally different reasons. they buy the big names to keep the majority of fans happy and hope that Jose can mould those names into a star team.... then they buy incredible youth players for under 1 million with the intention of selling them for a fortune a few years later when they have had international youth caps ect - Look at Huth/Carlton Cole - neither of them cost too much yet chelsea will claim £7mil over those transfers and although it isnt "sport" it is good business....but I cant help but feel that it would be nice to see a chelsea youth team "product" become a star that is kept....Scott Sinclair is an awesome talent....and could be the one!!! he is easily as fast as any of the current 1st team forwards and hopefully he can learn a few things from Sheva!

    • i also don't like everythin that's happening man.. but i'm really glad ballack n sheva r in the team n the other 2 signings r quite young players for the future.. so i too expected 4 to go.. and it should have stayed that way.. but it's not every year u get to buy defenders like cannavaro or nesta n don't want to loose that oppurtunity.. n guys like crespo anyway want to leave.. so i'd say of we make any signings it has to one of thsoe top italina defenders .. could make the back 4 amazing with terry ricky n gallas.. hope he stays ..