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  • Mr Surname Mr Surname Oct 20, 2006 16:57 Flag

    Chelsea paid £25 million too much for Shevchenko

    The old man is well past it and the only goals he has managed to score were in Chelsea defeats. He can't cut it in the Prem.

    How many more times will these dimwit commentators keep saying that he will come good? He's had plenty of excellent opportunities and wasted them all. You lot should have spent the money on getting Van Nistleroy instead of that over the hill donkey. Chelsea have been muggged again i'm afraid.

    Thank your lucky stars that Drogba decided not to desert you as he's been a revelation this season.

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    • He's a great penalty taker though. Boy he was worth 25 mil to us in Istanbul. Seems like his little spoilt girly antics get him in the papers more than his footballing skills. Sorry girls, I apologise.

    • I think you need to look back at our games this season. Im sure Sheva scored in winning matches. I beleive he has played a big part in drogba's success this season too! Is it just the chelsea message board that gets jealous and ignorant people taking space from chelsea fans wanting to talk chelsea? or do they all get it?

    • Sheva is CLASS, Clelski is #$%$!!!!!!

    • Ola, Amigos!!!
      I'm very concerned about this report that's why I'd like to clarify one thing more than importante...
      A less experienced player always needs to be challenged in order to help him work hard. In case of both Essien and Drogba, if you try to compare their recent performance to last season's you'd see the difference why, simply because their challenged. The presence of both Scheva and Ballack made the 2 pals think they would loose their place that's why they are performing at this unbelievable level...looking at this reality from a different perception you have to say thanks Scheva/Ballack you've brought luck to both Essien/Drogba or even Chelsea...

      Drogba used to be controled by the whole opposition defence and since they are now 2 striker he is as free as many strikers scoring easy goals.
      Chao my amigo/a

    • You idiot. Sheva is younger than Ruudy V, if only by a couple of months. You should really check your sources before you say anything stupid like that.

    • they said the same about DROGBA,now look at himnice to see your so concerned

    • Fairly premature to write Sheva off so early, he's playing in a new country with a new team and different system to the one he was deployed in at Milan. So, let's see at end of season. I reckon after xmas he'll be in the zone and that will spell big trouble to Utd & the Ars because that's when the action is gonna heat up. I do however have a different opinion on SWP, I don't see him ever becoming the player he was at City down at the Bridge. If I were a Utd or Arsenal supporter Id be worried about the return of Joe Cole because he is about to ignite and that gonna mean trouble for the rest..

    • Same thing was said about Drogba last season drunkarse.