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  • ian s ian s Dec 19, 2006 23:40 Flag

    mourinho's most embarrassing prem manager

    every person has the right to be a bit biased about they're team, but he says things that are completely untrue, then sticks to his guns even though everyone else can't see where he's coming from.

    as they say, it's one thing to be thought stupid, and another to open your mouth and prove it.

    chelski, a team with no class, bring in a manager with out the slightest bit of humility or class going.

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    • Thereby taking all the pressure away from the team and allowing them to concentrate on the games coming up and winning our 3rd title in a row.

      No class, questionable. Top strategic manager both on and off the field, undoubted.

      If more people spent time analysing his tactics and not playing into them then they would do better against us.

      If I were an opposing team I would be ignoring what was coming out of his mouth and trying to figure out a way to exploit that slightly dodgy looking defence with JT out the picture. Fortunately I am not and I don't have to ;-)