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    MOURINHO--Do we need him!!!

    Okay. So it’s controversial but don’t shout me down just yet.

    1) He inherited an existing very good team. So the building blocks were already in place.

    2) No manager in the World has ever been given as money to spend on new players as he was.

    3) He must be one of the highest paid managers in the World.

    4) He has bought some players just to prevent other clubs buying them. Then later sold them on at a mega loss. Ridicules waste of money.

    5) We now need some of those sold players.

    6) There are times when his antics border on the ridicules.

    7) He boasts that we have two first teams, but now he wants even more money to shore up the defence, because some of the players he bought are not up to the task.

    8) He is now bleating that he has not got the backing of russki. Good God just how much support and money does he need.

    Don’t get wrong I think he is charismatic and he has brought titles, for which we grateful if only to stuff saf. But his reaction to the first sign of things going slightly off track, have not been well received. We will still take the top spot very soon, for sure.

    Russki owns the club so he will always have the last word.

    So far he has said nothing. Could be that a storm is brewing. Perhaps a Tornado if Shev doesn't play more.

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