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  • safsaf safsaf Mar 5, 2007 14:53 Flag

    Chelsea RELY to much on Peter Cech

    It seems that,the defence of Chelsea are rely to much on Peter Cech,the defender look useless and not perform.If The million dollar team who keep rely on 1 goalkeeper,it's a disgrace.If Peter Cech don't perform one day,they'll finish,no doubt about that.
    I thought Mourinho doesn't do his job well as a manager,I agree with Roman,Mourinho's strategy and tactic is useless and negative,all he kept doing is keep moaning,advertise his image brand,put himself into the confrontation with everyone,and open his hand to get money to buy player,after that he done nothing at all.
    If I give a 18 years old kid who manage Chelsea,I think he also can done as what Mourinho did at Chelsea now.So stop talking how important Mourinho for Chelsea,he just a cancer of football and he will damage the football one day.
    It's because of Chelsea who has Mourinho,not because of Mourinho we has Chelsea.

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    • i just look to see about terry and money hope he reads this what he gets in 2 years i never earn in a life time captain england and chelsea not happy go get a life mate stop gambling our entrace money away and think about other people you and lampard so greedy god for just 1000% of your wealth i make other happy what you gamble in a week no i say no more but give you my email address and ask you why you so greedy enough is enough from gallilao@btinternet.com
      bet he dont reply