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  • Ike N Ike N Mar 21, 2007 17:16 Flag

    Bitter, bitter, gooners......

    A thread has been started on the gooner board wanting to see if Drogba and Cole get punished by the FA.

    Why would Drogba and Cole get punished by the FA you might ask?

    I asked myself the same question thinking that something untoward might have happened that I was not aware of. But no....

    Apparently a deranged, psychotic, idiotic yid, who could have been carrying on a him a knife or some other sort of weapon - thank God Spurs saw sense and banned him for life, what a #$%$**n #$%$ - according to the gooners' reckoning the above is equivalent to the Carling cup final which saw Adebayor red carded. And on that basis, Drogba and Cole should be punished.

    Also the papers are massively to blame because they also reckon that where the papers played a big part in getting Adebayor and co banned. They reckon that because these same papers are not continually talking about Lampard getting attacked by some deranged north London psycho, Drogba and Cole will escape punishment.

    I mean this kind of reasoning has to frighten the #$%$ out of you.

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