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  • Dogstar Dogstar Mar 22, 2007 23:33 Flag

    Bitter, bitter, gooners......

    Do Chelsea fans think that the nickname for Tottenham Hotspur FC is "The Yids"? Surely you must know where it came from, surely you must know by now that is partly to do with Chelsea fans' racial abuse hurled at Spurs' jewish faithful during the 60s/70s and the resulting "yiddos" chant made in solidarity by ALL Spurs fans?

    Doesn't necessarily make it right for any set of fans to apply the term "yids" when describing Spurs, but whereas Spurs fans still do it as a show of support and solidarity, opposing fans use it casually as an expression of contempt. I wonder how people would feel if the word being thrown around was a certain "n" word. . .