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  • R D R D Apr 18, 2007 10:24 Flag

    Top FOUR??!! Don't make me laugh...

    Why all this talk of the top four? Let's face it, the EPL has become a two-horse race now. The only team to try and match Chelsea's high standards has been Man Utd. It's just like the SPL now. It's either Chelsea or Man Utd. for every trophy. Then why, oh WHY do ppl keep referring to the top four in English football when in reality it's only two? The gulf between the top TWO and the rest is ridiculous. C'mon Platini, make those sub-standard teams qualify the hard way and only let the top two get into the CL. If there was ever to be a SUPER LEAGUE in Europe, the only two from the EPL would be Chelsea and Man Utd.


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    • Agreed.I have always believed that when the tables are published, ManU mmmmm okay and chelsea should be on the first page.Then a few blank pages let's say five then the rest.That is the diff. tween the two and the rest.Ssssh Arsenal are fighting for fourth place not even the top four u know what i mean dont u?

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      • Where were Chelseas High Standards a few years back?

        Moneys the only standard at Chelsea. Man Utd, Liverpool and Arsenal are the top 3 clubs in England because they've developed the best history, they didn't buy a couple of seasons of trophies.

        Liverpool also have had the better of you this season 2, 2 wins out of three and one for a trophy. And when we knock you out of the CL this year you should surely know why we're the best English club in Europe.

    • Last summer every so called expert predicted another Chelsea stroll to winning every competition in English and European football with Liverpool as the only real challenge to it, and what happened?

      Chelsea buy more "superstars" and Liverpool spend another fortune on bringing in 11 new players, while United buy one good player and are loaned a reserve goalkeeper, and all of a sudden we are a "fantastic" and we might be almost equal to the "great Chelsea".

      Basicaly United are just a lot better than everyone gave us credit, while Chelsea and Liverpool were over hyped. Next season Arsenal and Liverpool will be back challenging again but United are now setting the standard of what to expect over the coming seasons and Chelsea and the others will have to restructure to match it.

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      • We are having a great season, like Raj said i would be happy with just the league !

        But Chelsea have been without Cech for months, Cole for months, terry for a time, Robben for months........ and still they are only 3 points off of us, in one of our best seasons ever.

        They will take some beating next season regardless of what they buy in the summer. But its been great fun this season as i am sure Chelsea fas will agree, much better a race than a procession.

    • ya u should think lik tat,coz a louzy team cant win champion league,tats the truth.u should thankful tat manu win the league

    • OK TOP TOP FOUR very show has its big stars but will the top two keep the cash rolling in from sky and sponsers,in my view the premiershit will have problems when spactators turing off in droves as the product becomes dull, and sanitised, with player too expenses to tackleand the results decided in th efirst month of season, going to th eclubs with the biggest tv audience.



      PS: And in case the "elite" "historians" haven't noticed, it's actually been this way over half a decade now... History is being written...

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      • errrrrrrrrrrr yeah but if you wait till the end of April, its always likley to be down to a couple of teams mong!!!

        Arsenal were right in it untill a few weeks back.

        see ya!

      • Chelsea didn';t buy their titles...don't make me laugh.....459million of Russian embezzled money says they did. Also what history provides is fans with a total and absolute support, not glory hunters having to take free flags given out by the club to try and create an atmosphere....Why do you think Anfield is turned into a cauldron of noise and power on european nights yet Chelsea despite your money buying a four year unbeaten record being quiet as a library.....Even on the box you could hear the reds outsinging the blues last night which quite frankly should be embarassing for you, but how fans can get passionate about players like mercenary Cole, and the petualnt Drogba I suppose......you've only got Terry from the youth team, and even he's a tit!