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  • R D R D May 3, 2007 06:45 Flag

    Quadruple/Treble/... Double?

    Really disappointing to see Man Utd. lose tonight. But then, you WERE always fighting an uphill battle. I mean it's Milan. Gattuso totally nullified Ronaldo, and I always maintained that if it weren't for him hobbling off in the 1st leg, you would have lost 2-1 then. In any case, it's a pity we didn't win our game. At least we'd offer Milan a fight. Now they play a fluke cup team, and I hope they win. Not because I'm bitter we lost to Liverpool (maybe a little), but because a mediocre cup team should not be in the final of such a prestigious competition. It should be the best team(s) from their respective countries, not a team that is usually fighting for 4th/5th place in its own league. In any case, good luck for May 9th and 19th. At least in those games, we know the BEST teams will win.


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    • I agree, a mediocre cup team should not be allowed to stroll into the final. They should be forced to play a qualifier, then advance to a group stage with, I don't know, 3 strong European clubs. Then, and only then, if they finish in the top two, they should be forced to play, in order, the Spanish and defending European champions, the Dutch champs, and the defending English champions in a two leg knock out stage. Then, maybe I could get past my jealousy and say they deserve it.

    • Hey Bob you lost to Liverpool in a semi final for the third time in three years, but you're still the better team. Ha ha ha ha ha ha, stop it bob, you're killing me here, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Wake up, your team doesn't have the balls darling.

      See you in Athens.

    • IMCO next year will be ‘status quo’ for the top clubs. Each will spend a couple of bob on new players the difference will be who the clubs will buy and how those players adapt to the PL.

      Chel urgently need a charismatic playmaker like Zola or Cantona not a midfield plodder like we have now. Otherwise looking good.

      SAF needs a top striker, a midfield spoiler of class and Bale.

      Pool need two players with the presence of a Zola or Cantona and maybe one more. Omit Gerrard and they are just good journeymen.

      Gunners need to convert their pretty, pretty football into results.

      With a couple of good signings Spurs could spring a surprise or two.

      Next season the gap between the top four and the rest will widen, giving some credence to the theory that the PL is going the way of the SPL.

      Would that be a good thing or a bad thing?