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  • And heres my reason why

    1. #$%$ stadium #$%$ atmosphere

    2. owned by a corrupt gangster who steals from russian peasants

    3. can only afford to pay there players 140k plus a week and thats still not enough for them

    4. dont know the meaning of the words integrity or loyalty

    5. jose mourinho has instilled his cheat ethic into the team like he learnt at porto

    6 the biggest pantomine circus act who believes hes the best in the world and still cant stay on his feet. Didier drogba

    7. No History

    8. no champions league medals

    9. pay 30 million for 30 year old deadbeats

    10. boring bland football, no style or flair

    11. ben tel haim. beware europe he is pure class!!!

    12. no history ( have i said that? oh well surely has to be mentioned twice!! )

    13 fat useless frankie, couldnt score in a brothel anymore!

    14. most fans cant even remember gullit or vialli and ever since ranieri was brutally sacked, the soul of the club disapered with him like a fart in the wind!

    15 blame defeats on

    a, weather
    b, injuries
    c referee
    d, fixture list
    e time of kick off
    g not being given penalties
    h other teams scoring against them, how dare they!
    i not being able to buy points
    j im getting bored now but i could go up and down the alphabet at the excuses ive heard over the last 3 years

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