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  • i still cnt understand hw ballack and sheva expect to b on £130,000 a wk wen they play hw they hv.its a joke. y do the club even have to fnk abwt playing franky n jt mwr dn dem.tbh ballack n sheva shud hv paycuts n then we'l c hw loyal they r to the shirt.for lamps n jt they must be fnkin #$%$ do i hv to do to b paid mwr.they deserve it.lyk sure lamps has slumped in performance bt u jst knw he'd wear the shirt for free as wud jt.mayb its tym we made sum money for once n sold ballack as we gt him on a free.n sheva shud well wud u lyk to express sum thoughts on his future.? also mayb cast ur own views on the joke tht is the wage crisis atm...p.s sum1 fancy tellin me where i can get a look at the new home kit? n wen its released

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    • Mr maccie.Once i twigged that you had in fact wrote your post in English,although not exactly a readable version,i discovered that on the wages front you do make a valid point. Sheva and Bollack's wages are obscene.OK all wages are OTT these days,even the players that perform do not deserve that kind of money,but when they get that kind of money and are distinctly average it's even more of a joke.