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    I travel Many boards and find 2 creatures the same.


    I trawl through thread after thread because in village there not much to do after daily hunt, I see many people on baords and 2 who make me laugh most have to be Butch and Rooonaldo (chris) these 2 people have so little life, I read them all spend many hours waiting for argument with opposition fans, I see Butch on Chelsea and Chris on Arsnal it take over life, they sit in front of computer waiting for someone to talk to them because it make them feel special, I am admit I sad I like computer and my frends laugh so hard at some posts, but one thing we see all time is Chris and Butch they always agree with each other and they suck up to each other so bad it not funny, I not believe butch has bar, I once have bar job in village and work so hard, I not evan have a break for chatting up local dancers let alone spend all hours on internet waiting for cyber arguments. Chris funny though he make up girlfrend from all the way from US of A, he say he do boxing and he always right and he so strong he would beat anyone up in fight, I no one thing strong men not make fights in front of computer it make no sense. These 2 people are same I think they may even be in love and do naked man dancing together. I do want know though wat part of thailand bar is in because I been many time and go back next month, just a town would be nice please mr butch sir.

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