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  • devilgal_91 devilgal_91 Aug 21, 2007 19:55 Flag

    Popeyes REAL Job.....

    She knows as well as I do that it's football, we support two teams and yeah I said pester. You called her and myself far worse. You both called us witches which I believe your real intention was to call us far worse than that and also the word rhymes.

    I don't speak for Kate but she knows that whenever ManUtd and Chelsea play we get into the tete-a-tete but it really doesn't get too serious. It's football and nothing more than that. She's hilarious, she's fun and she's got more balls than you do.

    As for payments, LMFAO!!!! boy, you're something Pillock . I'll make it personal alright, more like a shift kick up your balls .