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  • CHRIS L CHRIS L Sep 20, 2007 23:51 Flag

    He will be missed - From a Utd fan

    No surprise really. This has obviously been forced from the top by Abramovich. That tasteless Russian thinks he can buy anything and we know that money isnt the only answer to total success.
    I think the CL crowd at the Bridge of 29,000 shows that without his money Chelski would be a successful PL side but not really in the Real / Barca / Milan / ManU wealth league with those attendances.
    No doubt Maureens superior attitude has made him disliked in some quarters but his overall managerial success speaks well. 1 CL winner, 1 EUFA Cup, 2 Premiers Leagues, 1 FA Cup and 1 League Cup. All in 5 years!
    Its easy for me to say now but I kind of guessed it would all come to and end like this. The commitment and focus of Chelski was quite amazing in the last 3 seasons BUT that kind of work ethic cant last forever. People get injured easier, the pressure of performing and continuing it is a stress and all this takes it toll. They are men not machines.
    My big criticism is the purchases of Ballack, Shevchenko, Cole. Negative influences on a good team. Getting rid of the attacking players like Robben, Gudjonsen etc who really were a big threat every time they went forward.
    Every team which had Makelele was a threat, he was such a good player and made a team tick. Unfortunately, age caught up with him and Essien and Lampard arent in his class.
    Certainly Chelski are still a threat and maybe the worry is that Lippi or someone could turn the club back on track it once was on.
    However, Chelski fans beware........if Abramovich is influencing squad selection dont expect much change whoever is in charge.
    Bye bye Maureen...........I dont think your be missed.