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    Long term fate of Chelsea

    I ask this question as a Football fan. Trust me when I say I'm not a Chelsea fan, but see potential dark clouds at Stamford Bridge, which even for the most ardent Jose hater should be worrying if they are truely a football fan.

    My question is, is it possible that Chelsea could become another Leeds if Roman decides to walk away? While Roman has put a bucket load of money into the club, he's also left it awash with red ink that is only sustainable with his continued finacial support.

    As Chelsea fans you should know Romans commitment better than me, and I'd like to hear your opinion. Is he likely to continue to splash the cash in the hope he can keep Chelsea a top 4 club, will he allow the club to accept a mid table position for a few years in an effort to shore up finances, and then build from the ground up (with young tallent, not just hired guns) to challenge at the top, or is he more likely to walk away at some point, leaving the club with an almighty hangover?

    Personally I think I'd go for the second option as I don't see the first as being sustainable over the longer term. Sure it will bring short term glory, but at some point the piper needs to be paid. The last option is hard to think about, as I think it would be a disaster to loose another storied name of English Football in a similar way as Leeds fans know only too well.

    Any thoughts?

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    • You're loving this, aren't you.


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      • Robert, in the short term yes I take a little pleasure. Chelsea at the beginning of the season looked to me to be the odds on favorite to take the title, so having the compitition implode is no bad thing for me. Also, while I did have respect for Jose, I was never a fan. Guess its all about point of view, but I just could not take his after game comments. But I did enjoy the colour he brought to the league, and all banter aside, he is a talented manager.

        But my comments are looking at the long term. I'm not a natural Chelsea hater. Growing up (80's)I had quite a few Chelsea fan friends, and it was hard not to feel sorry for them. But I always had respect for them as I saw them as true football fans following their team through the thin part of "thick and thin". I also see Chelsea as one of the big names in English Football, so don't want longterm harm to come to your club. No matter who you support, I dont' think we want to see another Leeds happening.

        I really wanted to get the Chelsea fans perspective, as I'm not close to the club, and don't know more about Roman than what the press print. Also, at the end of the day the club is the fans, so while the rich owners may pull the strings, its the fans that really count, so I wanted to hear their voice.