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  • A Yahoo! User Oct 19, 2007 00:46 Flag

    Drogba: "Nothing can stop me from leaving"

    What a sad story this "phantom of the opera" has become.

    The away the ship is sailing it's pretty much "Les Misérables" now with a salvage operation the only hope for Chelsea flops.

    Goodbye Drog, thanks for the short memory, I guess Chelsea are now back to its natural place which is mid-table mediocrity at best. Its being fun hanging out with the big boys.

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    • lol nice one bert. Have to admit, I may gloat a touch when he does go. I feel sorry for Chelsea but its their meddling owner that got them into this mess. You guys wanted his money so bad, now you have to deal with his ego. He's screwing you all over ROYALLY. Now maybe you'll all shut up and stop acting like you own the league

    • I'm not Chelsea fan, but looking at this from the outside, it might not be such a bad thing. Its obvious, although we may never know the details, that there has been unrest in the locker room at Stamford Bridge for a while between all the huge ego's. Think in order to right the ship on a long term basis, they need a clean out. Either Maureen's boys go, or Roman's boys go.

      Question is what does Grant do with that out in public. Does he still play Drogba? Can Drogba really perform when we all know his heart is not in it anymore. Think Grant might want to bench him now, and publically ask him to put up or shut up. Commit to Chelsea, or leave in Jan. You can't manage a team with unrest amoungst the players, and that gets worse when the argument is played out in the French newspapers.