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  • Robert M Robert M Jan 29, 2008 19:42 Flag

    How should we welcome Steven Hunt?

    ...when he plays against us at the Bridge tomorrow night?


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    • Indeed,

      As much as I like Wise, I will take off my Chelsea spectacles long enough to say that he was a bit of an arse in his playing days (prob an understatement). I think it was Fergie who said that he could start a fight in an empty room. Or was it Wenger? I don't remember. Anyway, he was a bit of an arse.

      As for Keane, words cannot begin to describe how much of an arse he was.....

    • Hey! He has done nothing wrong to our players, yet I still recognise a cHunt when I see one.

      The guy is a menace on the same level as Keane and Wise.

    • To be fair to Robert, I don't think he is blind to the fact that some Chelse players are a bit over zealous when challenging.

      I think, and as you rightly point out, every team has its moments. Our players were known to be over zealous i.e. Essien etc But you see (and on the point of this thread) Eboue's challenge on Terry was apologised for immediately - Eboue went on record and apologised. I do not believe he intended to cause JT any harm and he said sorry. The injury he caused JT was a lot less serious than that caused to Cech.

      I think for me the issue here has to be one of consistency. Assuming Essien had caused the same injury to the Reading keeper, he would have been sent off. I also seem to remember Kyut's challenge on Phil Neville during the Merseyside derby. Had that been caused by Essien, he would have been sent off. Chunt did not as much as receive a card for his troubles.

      Every team does have its moments but sticking in the odd boot and eschewing the odd boot completely preferring to stick in both knees in my eyes is not just unprofessional but criminal.

      We are lucky Cech is back and I would argue that had that Chunt done the same to Almunia, you would not be very forgiving.

    • Moi?

      I acknowledge that some Chelsea players challenge than they strictly need to at times. I am most frustrated by Carvalho, Mikel and Essien. I did enjoy the row we had over the various challenges at the Emirates recently. I suspect your comment is because I defended JT against the Arsenal faithful's presumption that JT had tried to maim Fabregas, a presumption I consider silly.

      Yes, I defend Chelsea players occasionally when they go astray. But I have also criticised Chelsea players challenges, including on your board.

      On this board we have had long discussions about the inconsistency of refereeing. My complaint is that in the famous Reading match two players (Mikel and Bikey) were sent off for pettiness. Two other players nearly killed both our goalkeepers with reckless challenges and were not penalised at all, neither in the match nor after.


    • Just for clarity Ike. I'm a Gooner.

      I don't think there are any excuses for the way in which Hunt went in on Cech. Hunt has proved himself a few times, that he is a nasty little sh1t, that holds nothing back when challenging for the ball.

      Every team has it's moments. Robert is sometimes blind to the fact that some of the Chelsea players can be a little over zealous when challenging, and they do stick in the odd boot. Much the same as any team has it's players. Hunt however is different. He even looks like a cHunt.

    • Stephen C'hunt will always be about as welcome as a red hot poker up the japseye as far as I am concerned!

      As Robert said, the lack of romorse and backside covering from Reading and C'hunt since the incident says it all.

      There are some players out there you just love to hate and prehaps are secretly pleased when they get a taste of their own medicine. I for one would not be sorry if C'hunt sufferered a serious career threatening injury.......

    • hehehe, good question Robert. I don't condone violence BUT in his case I'll make an exception.