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  • John John Jan 29, 2008 22:51 Flag

    How should we welcome Steven Hunt?

    That's three now Robert.

    How many more Chelski fans, on these boards alone, wish harm to come to a professional footballer from another team?

    BTW Is JT fit and ready for this game?

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    • I cannot speak for anyone else but myself on this issue.

      Quite frankly, I would not shed a tear if Hunt sustained a serious career threatning injury as he inflicted the same on Cech. After it happened there were no words of apology, simply justification.

      I have watched and rewatched that collision or should I say "knee bash into the head" and fail to see why Hunt did not apologise straight away, as one normally does if infact they cause harm to someone else without meaning to.

      Tell me, what would have happened if as a result of the clash, Cech's careers as a footballer ended? what if the injury resulted in permanent brain damage? I do not know which team you support John, and if you would not feel the same if Hunt or someone else committed an identical offence against your 1st choice keeper then fair enough as you are a bigger man than me.

      That was a tackle which Hunt went in for with his knees!!! Forgive me, I am the first to admit that I am no sage when it comes to football but when you tackle, I thought you went with your feet - which if he had done would have hit Cech's arms which he had used to get the ball and shield his face. Hunt's knees however slammed into the side of Cech's face and forced the collision with the pitch.

      Accidents happen, I have been on the receiving end of several playing rugby but my opinion has always been and still is that no matter how serious an injury is, if committed by you, the first thing you do is apologise. You don't try to justify yourself, you simply apologise.

      It is all very well Coppell and Hunt taking the moral high ground, I can only wonder as to what we would have be saying if the boot was on the other foot and the injury was caused to Readings keeper by say, Essien.

      Like I said, the Chunt....

    • Do they, or is it just the way things get phrased?

      Anyway, Hunt has already played a match against us since then. There was no sign at all of any retribution from Chelsea players. When interviewed about it Petr Cech said it wasn't an issue, it was just another game.

      I expect it to be boisterous for Hunt but no more. I certainly don't expect a challenge on him like Adebayor's on Ashley Cole a couple of months ago.