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  • Toby C Toby C Feb 11, 2008 01:58 Flag

    Chelsea Vs. Liverpool

    What the hell was up with the ref and the game?Ref didnt let the game flow. Chelsea should have had a penalty. Liverpool also 'parked the bus' on any set piece. They always put ALL of their players back. #$%$

    What do you all think?

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    • Agree the ref blew the game dead. It was never going to be a free flowing game, but with the ref blowing everytime there was contact it made it even more bitty.

      Not comment on the penalty, as its unlikely we'd get a truely unbiased opinion on this one. I think there was no foul, you think otherwise. Enough said.

      But as far as Liverpool being #$%$ as they did not go forward, did you watch the same match. How many realistic shots did Chelsea get on goal? How many saves did Reina actually have to make?

      Not saying we pepper your goal, but take a look at the stats. Shots on goal, and possesion of the ball all go to the Reds. Yes we held firm in the defense with our back 4 doing a hell of a job, and Masch having another massive game patroling the midfield, but I believe I saw Babel on a number of ocasions taking a run at your defense, and I believe Crouch had more shots than your entire squad.

    • I'm sure fat Frank can step in for her though.

    • It's 19th March.