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  • John John Mar 20, 2008 16:42 Flag

    The Aussie Answer -

    No-one in S.A was aware of the potential mineral wealth in the countries underbelly before the Europeans arrived. It certainly isn't the S.A's many are worried about.

    Before we make reparations to these countries, would you care to try and balance the books, and offset those reparations against financial aid.

    Taking a quick peek at one country (Somalia)
    Lots of the former inhabitants have found their way here. Most are Sunni Muslims. Somalia was, up to 1960 colonised by Britain and Italy. From the days of the 'Mad Mullah' Somalia has very rarely had any sustained peacetime. Even now, there is not one ruling governing body, and it's not OUR fault they are at war now. You can lay the blame for that at the doorstep of the CIA and the American armed forces, who only maintained interest while Somalia offered strategic military importance.

    Left to their own devices, they produce cattle and bananas for export, and that's it. Not exactly what you would call mineral rich.

    This country has a high density of radical Muslim groups, and an awful humanitarian record (female genital mutilation is still standard practise both in Somalia and in the UK behind closed doors) So for the few that come here with no ulterior motives, and who want nothing more than to contribute to our society, and live a better life, this is ruined by the many who have nothing but 'attack the west' and 'drain what resources we can' on their minds.

    Rant over.