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  • Amin M. Amin M. Apr 15, 2008 05:47 Flag

    the fans will do it

    what can the fans do to push peter and roman to get rid of the israeli

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    • i dont blame grant i think you should look at ten carter maybe he the one upsetting the team and i also think terry out of salts and time for change maybe try ballack as captain yes he did change the team and should have won but look at how they played first half no effort the heart has gone from the side throw the carling cup the fa cup and tonight makes you think maybe if we win nothing roman may walk who knows whats going on behind the scene at the brigde sheva 91 min another jokeand the ground dont even fill up arsenal won nothing for 3 years yet still sell 60.000 seats we are boring but still at the top and semi final lets hope for our sake he plays joe cole and man united dont win at the bridge after 4 years i couldnt take them takin our recoerd away any way its over nearly allways next year and you could be a tottenham or arsenal fan or even west ham im bloody gutted