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  • Robert M Robert M May 5, 2008 02:32 Flag

    Messi For 80 million?

    I remember when Keegan left to go to Germany for a record fee, you spent even more on Kenny Dalglish. And money well spent that was.

    Chelsea didn't invent the concept of buying great players. It's been going on for decades. What are we supposed to say - that we think it is dreadful and we would prefer to be the mid table under-performing team that we were in the decades since Dalglish's time? Look - having big brother lavishing huge sums on players may be undeserved, it may even be unfair and bad for football for all I know. But, this is modern day football whether RA is at Chelsea or not. For those of us who have supported Chelsea in the bad times what is happening at the moment is fabulous, and every minute is to be enjoyed. Who knows what the situation will be in a few years time.

    For Liverpool fans to grumble seems like sour grapes. Did you see the thread on the Liverpool board where it was pointed out that your spending has actually been higher than Man U's in recent years?